How to empty the iPhone and iPad RAM

However modern the version of our iPhone or iPad may be, one thing always happens: when we have many things open at the same time or we have the device on for several days, things accumulate in the RAM memory and leave the system a little more slow. Thus, emptying the memory helps to make the system faster. This is usually solved in two ways: either you turn the device off and on again, or you try to use applications that “say” to empty the RAM.

But there is a trick to get the RAM to be emptied in 10 seconds, without having to wait the time to turn the device off and on again. It is so hidden that it doesn’t even appear in the iOS manual.

The trick is quite simple. Simply unlock the iPhone screen and press and hold the Rest until the slide to hang up screen appears. Then release it and press the button front (Home / Start) until the application screen appears. Ready, according to some, this would be enough to free the system’s RAM memory, making it faster. It also works on iPod touch and iPad.

Emptying RAM is most useful on older devices, which have less physical memory. In newer models, with 2GB or more, the tendency is not to make much difference in performance, for now (one day, they will also need the trick).

Test yours and then tell us if it helped. ?