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How to easily set up your webcam on Linux

GUVCVIEW has come to make life easier for those who need to set up their WebCam on Linux.

Nowadays, many like to communicate via video, it can be on their desktop or notebook, using a webcam. But to have a minimally satisfactory image, we need to make some settings. However, as webcam software does not yet have a Linux version, there is a powerful tool for it, GUVCVIEW.

How to easily configure your webcam on Linux

The full project name GTK + UVC Viewer, according to the developer's website, aims to bring a simple and easy to configure interface. It uses GTK3 or QT5, depending on how it is compiled by the distro and graphical interface.

GUVCVIEW can be easily installed in your favorite distro by simply typing guvcview in your program store or install via terminal. For more download information, you can access this link from them.

If you want to know more features and how to tweak the program, we made a video there on the channel showing, it's cool. Check out the video below.

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