How to easily scan documents with your smartphone

How to easily scan documents with your smartphone

One of the things I like best about my smartphone is that it easily replaced several other objects that I would have to put in my apartment than in the giant one. No more discman, point and shoot camera, paper calendars, street guides, and more. One of the clumsiness I no longer need the scanner for, and I will help you get rid of yours too.

A multifunction printer takes up much more space than a small simple printer. And let's face it, most of us won't use the scanner we have professionally, but to scan receipts, documents, signed contracts and other simple things. So why have one?

The problem with recording things on the smartphone is that not always the good camera, we have trouble adjusting and light, the background is appearing, the file is heavy and we do not know how to edit the document so that it is readable. And where to store everything later, to live a paperless life? I will teach two wonderful ways.

Using Evernote

This is one of the most complete services I can recommend. Evernote actually serves a thousand different things, and one of the best uses I've found is this. Documents, medical prescriptions, bills, receipts, I keep everything in it. And after I started using the built-in scan, no longer.

Install on Google Play

  • To use, simply open an Evernote account. There are free and paid packages;
  • In the app home you will see a green button with a "+" inside. Click on it;
  • Choose the option "Camera";
  • Make sure that the "Automatic Mode" option is enabled. a button in the upper right corner;
  • Align the document inside the screen and you're done. Just save the note, and download later if you want.
scan evernote
Evernote takes care of almost everything for you / AndrioidPIT (screenshot)

Awesome Evernote because it offers cloud space to store documents and also automatically captures when it detects the document. Plus, it has one of the best scanning and tweak qualities of the most famous apps I've tested. Earn point for overall ease.

I also tested the Google Drive app, which is just as easy to scan the document and already stores everything in Google Drive itself, but I didn't find the image quality so good. The images below are.

scan gdrive
Google Drive has similar option / AndrioidPIT (screenshot)

Using TinyScanner

Among the exclusive scanner apps, I tested the famous CamScanner, AdobeScan and TinyScanner. This last one was what caught my attention the most, bringing excellent scanning quality and very interesting resources. Adobe's is too simple and CamScanner is over-loaded and many are paid for.

Tiny Scanner: Scan Doc to PDF
Install on Google Play

So let's see how to scan a document using TinyScanner:

  • In the home, click the camera button;
  • Align the document inside the screen and press the camera button;
  • Correct the document area using the blue dots;
  • Accept the document and make other adjustments such as color type, grayscale, rotate image, among others;
  • Accept and give your document a name, saving again;
  • If you want to add more images to the document, click the camera button again. If not, click back.
scan tinyscanner
High quality scan / AndrioidPIT (screenshot)

Another nice feature of this app is that you can, through an IP address provided in the App Settings, access scanned images through your computer's browser, avoiding cables and other difficult connections to handle files.

These recommended apps and features go far beyond just photographing the pages. These two apps have fine adjustments that make files lighter and more readable. And they make getting rid of paper much faster and simpler.

And you? Scan documents to get organized? Which app do you use?

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