Como ganhar renda extra no tempo livre?

How to earn extra income in your free time?

A lot of people want to work at home, but without having to leave their regular jobs for that. Fortunately, there is how to earn extra income in your free time in this way and without getting in the way of your normal work.

This dream of extra income can be earned with the help of websites, apps and different activities. For those who are curious, we have separated some of the best methods you can try. Check it all out below!

How to earn extra income in free time

Well, there are many ways to earn extra income in your free time, including some very lucrative activities, websites that give you money to perform certain actions, or apps that specifically serve to earn money without leaving your home.

1. Activities

Our first suggestion is very simple, since it consists of several activities that you can do when you have time left. Many of them depend on a skill you may have or products you can sell. Our main tips are:

Editing photos and videos

how to make extra income in edio time

One of the best ways to earn extra income in your spare time is to edit videos and photos. It is only necessary to have knowledge about the subject and a PC capable of running the editing software, which can be quite heavy.

It is interesting to take projects that you know you will be able to finish on time, especially if your free time is short. It is worth mentioning that it is good to already have a portfolio showing what you are able to do if you want to find new customers with ease.

Review texts

If you do not have the knowledge of the software required for video editing, you can invest in proofreading. This can be a simpler way to earn extra income in your spare time.

You will need to have a good knowledge of the language, but you may not need to take a specific course to find places. Because it is something more peaceful, I really feel like doing it in my free time.

Online sales

If you have a product you can sell or resell online, you can have a guaranteed extra income. You can do this by creating a digital store, selling on social networks or even on auction sites, such as Mercado Livre.

Depending on how you do it, you can carry out maintenance throughout the week, with special attention to your free time on weekends.

2. Apps and websites to make money

Our other suggestion is to make use of applications and websites that can help you make money when you have time left. Whether indoors or out, these alternatives can be very interesting.


extra income in foap

Foap is a platform on which you can sell photos taken with your smartphone. There are many such apps, but since Foap has partnerships with large companies, there are even more chances of getting a good payment.

Overall, you get about $ 5 for an image sold on the platform. Very good value for smartphone photos, so it's worth checking out. You can download it on Android or iPhone.


Slide Joy has a very simple concept: they pay you to view ads. The interesting thing is that they can put the advertisements directly on your lock screen or home screen, something that gives you money automatically.

You do not even need to click or interact with the ads, just view them. The money won can be transferred directly to PayPal. You can download the app on Android by clicking on the link.


GetNinjas is one of the best sites you can use to earn extra income in your spare time. With it, you can search for or offer services of the most diverse types, whether to work at home or in a specific location.

The good thing is that it doesn't focus only on artistic or creative works like many other sites of this type. Virtually any professional skill can be advertised in it, even manual work or technical assistance. Check out more by accessing the link.


For those who want to offer their services, Fiverr is the best apps. just create your profile saying what type of services you are willing to do, the price to be charged and the time it may take depending on the project.

Then, you just wait for customers to show up asking for your work. D easily to work on projects on weekends, especially if they are shorter. D to download the app on Android or iPhone.


Our next suggestion is SurveyJunkie. It works very simply, you can use it to answer and fill out surveys online to earn money.

In general, surveys are very fast and the money is sent via PayPal. For those with little free time, one of the best alternatives to earn extra income in their free time. See more of the site by accessing the link.

User Testing

User Testing is another interesting option for those who have little time available to earn extra income. It makes you test websites and apps and give your opinion in a detailed way through video and audio.

The tests take about 20 minutes and offer up to 15 dollars if you do everything that is required. You can really earn interesting money without all that effort. You can check out more at the following link.


The name of this site already makes it very clear that freelance jobs are its main focus. In it, there are hundreds of vacancies available for the most diverse types of freelancers, so it is very easy to find a perfect project for you.

The cool thing is that companies all over the world use the platform, so I even find some interesting international vacancies. If you are interested, just check the official website!

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