How to download WhatsApp Status photos and videos and save to mobile

How to download WhatsApp Status photos and videos and save to mobile

Download videos and photos of Status on WhatsApp and save on your phone is not yet a feature offered by the messenger. However, the Status Saver app for WhatsApp gives this little help to anyone who wants to download a Status to play with a friend or pay tribute to someone.

Unfortunately, the app is not available for iPhone, only for Android. But AppGeek shows an alternative to download the Status via the computer, through WhatsApp Web. You don't even have to use any additional programs. Check out!

1. Download the Status Saver for WhatsApp on your Android device;

2. Open the app and tap Start. Then, allow the program to access your media files;

3. Right on the main screen, the most recent Stories are displayed. Touch the down arrow icon on the Story thumbnail you want to save. If you want to save several at once, just touch the icon of all of them;

  • If you prefer to see the photo or watch the video before downloading, tap on the thumbnail. Then it will be opened in full screen, where it is also possible to download it, touching the down arrow icon.
Download Instagram Status It is possible to download Status via thumbnail or full screen

4. The content will be available in the tab Saved and also in the app folder in your phone's Image Gallery.

Tip: if the Status you want is not being displayed on the main Status Saver for WhatsApp screen, tap the WhatsApp icon at the top right of the screen. You will be taken to the chat app. Open the Status you want to save and, when you return to the app, the photo or video will already be available for download.

Save Status on PC too

If you don't use Android smartphone or prefer WhatsApp on your computer, through WhatsApp Web, know that you can also download your friends' Status. And the best: there is no need to download any program or extension.

To view the statuses published by your contacts, you must click on the circle icon with a continuous line above the conversation column.

Download WhatsApp Web status

If you want to save a published photo, just click the right mouse button and go to Save Image As. Then just name and choose the folder where the image will be saved on the computer.

In the case of a video, right click and go to Copy video address. Open a new tab in the browser, paste the address in the address bar and hit the enter key.

Save instagram web status

The video will be played again, but now out of Stories. Now, click on the three dots icon, in the right corner of the player. Choose the option Download. Wait for the video to be downloaded on the PC and open it with the program you prefer on your computer.

What I want to download videos from YouTube and post on Status

No problems. If you want to learn how to put large (over 30 seconds) YouTube videos in Status, this is also possible with the help of third-party apps.

First, it is necessary to download the video, then cut it in pieces of 30 seconds each and then post them in sequence. Check out the entire walkthrough in our tutorial on how to put entire YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status.

Pay attention to copyright

Before downloading someone's Status, don't forget to ask the author's authorization to publish the content. Sharing photos, videos or even excerpts of conversations without the consent of the author or whoever participates may constitute a crime, according to the Brazilian criminal code.

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