How to download videos on iPhone in just 4 steps

How to download videos on iPhone in just 4 steps

Shortcuts is a free application that allows iPhone users to download videos from different platforms directly on their smartphones. D to download content from various sites, such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Due to limitations between iOS and Google services, many programs that allowed you to download videos on your iPhone no longer work. Shortcuts is one of the only options currently available for this purpose.

Meet Shortcuts

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Shortcuts (Shortcuts, in Portuguese) is a personal automation tool. It is capable of creating automatic tasks, according to the user's needs. There are more than 200 actions for functions and tools, such as Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Safari, social networks, Camera, clouds, among others.

It is possible to make GIFs and save PDF files directly from Safari. In addition to creating a screen saver with access to direct connection to a particular contact, among other options. The goal is to "shorten the path" of specific actions, such as downloading videos.

To download Shortcuts, click here.

Step by step how to use Shortcuts

1. After purchasing Shortcurts, it will be necessary to include the video download flow. Go to the application's website through the device's browser and look for a download shortcut for the service you want, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. When you find the option, click on it. On the next page, go to Get shortcut;

2. In our walkthrough, we use a shortcut to download videos from YouTube. But the similar process regardless of the desired platform. In the case of YouTube, access the desired video on the service through Safari. Click the iPhone's share button, as shown below;

Download youtube video

3. Then, tap More (three little dots). In the new window, to make the app available for use, activate the key next to Shortcut;

Download youtube video

4. Open Safari again on the YouTube video you want to download and access the iPhone's share button. This time, select the new option Shortcut.

Download youtube video

  • Through the YouTube app, the path To share > three dots> Shortcut.

Ready! With the other automated steps, the video will be saved on the phone.

Testing with the app was more successful with downloading video through Safari. The application worked correctly on July 25, 2019.

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Shortcut for downloading videos on Shortcut

It is very simple to find a shortcut to the desired function on the Siricuts website. However, AppGeek makes your life easier and renews the links of the main ones regarding the download of videos. Check out:

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Pay attention to copyright

Most videos that circulate on the internet are protected by copyright. This means that they cannot be reproduced or shared without the author's authorization or upon payment of these rights.

So, before downloading any video, check if you can do it without paying or without authorization. Many contents can be reproduced with due credit to the author, while others are illegal to download without permission or payment.

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