How to download music from YouTube to Pen Drive?

If you were a teenager or young adult in the 2000s, we are sure you were walking from top to bottom with an MP3 player on the way from home to school, college or work. It is still possible to do this, but with a smart phone it is much easier to download music online and put it on your cell phone.

But using your cell phone to keep files in exactly the best way to preserve your files. In addition to taking your music offline on your computer, it is also interesting to store it on a USB drive.

The problem: how to download music from YouTube to the thumb drive? Why YouTube, among all the options of places to download free music?

The answer is easy: because it is the largest collection of videos in the world. Many music producers even include video clips of their artists there. With the right program, you can download only the audio from this video clip, being able to download music online with ease.

Want to know how to do this and transfer your music offline to the flash drive without any major problems?

How to download music from YouTube

The first thing you need to be able to download any video available on the world's largest platform is a program called YouTube By Click. More reliable than sites that promise this, it still gives you the facility to automatically detect a YouTube link and download it now.

Therefore, click on the link to download the program on your computer. After downloading, open the file and follow the installation instructions.

With the program installed, open it for the first time.

youtube by click

Now you can minimize it without any problems. Open your favorite internet browser and access YouTube. Search for the song you want to download.

search for the pipe you want to download

When you find the version you want, access the video and copy the URL.

copy the youtube music url

Automatically, YouTube By Click recognizes that the link copied from YouTube and a popup will appear on your screen, asking if you want to download music online.

As you can see, it gives you the option to download the full video, or just the audio in MP3. As the goal here is to download free music, choose MP3 audio.


Okay, now that you know how to download, you already know how to do the first part of this tutorial on how to download music from YouTube to the Pen Drive.

Check out below how to download music!

Tip: before that, it is worth remembering that YouTube By Click also makes it possible to download videos from other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram!

The only place you can't download from for now is TikTok's music.

How to transfer downloaded music to the Pen Drive

Now that you’ve downloaded the songs you wanted on YouTube, let’s show you how to pass them on to the open drive.

First, open the folder where you download the browser. Usually the folder itself is called Downloads |. Find the music you want to download.

youtube music downloaded

Right-click the file and select the option Copy. Alternatively, click on the file with the same left button and, on the keyboard, use the shortcut Ctrl + C.

click copy to transfer youtube music to flash drive

Now, open the folder for your flash drive. To avoid having trouble finding it, you can designate a specific letter for it, as we show in this article. Paste the music you copied into that folder or any subfolder you have created.

paste the youtube music on the flash drive

Just wait for the transfer and that's it. You have learned how to successfully download music from YouTube to flash drive!

Learned how to download music from YouTube to flash drive?

As you can see, the process is very simple and quick, especially when using YouTube By Click.

If you are convinced of having your own playlist offline, what can you upload anywhere? Then download YouTube by Click right now through the link!