How to download Instagram videos on your phone or computer

How to download Instagram videos on your phone or computer

In this post, we teach you how to download videos and images from Instagram from websites, extensions and smartphone apps

If you use Instagram, you probably went through the situation of wanting to share a video or image on another digital platform, or for friends who do not have a social network registration, and did not know how to do it, having to resort to prints or the video recording system of the screen of the cell phone.

So today we are going to teach you how to download videos from Instagram from the platform of your choice, be it your computer or your mobile device with an operating system Android or iOS (iPhone). Oh, and the tools also serve to download images!

Downloading from the computer

There are several very practical ways to download Instagram videos from your computer. You can access a website that does the service for you or install an extension on your browser Google Chrome. The options are many, and in this article we will show you some so that you can decide which one you prefer. Starting with pages on the internet.

Through internet pages

There are several sites that do this job, and here we are going to recommend two options instawload and w3toys in case the page of your preference goes offline for some reason. In this tutorial, we will use the instawload as an example, but the operation for the w3toys the same.

First, you must copy the link to the video post or image you want to download. If you do not know how, it is in the three points in the upper right corner of the post. Click on the points and then Copy link in the window that opens, as shown in the image below:

Image teaching how to copy an Instagram post link.Copying an Instagram post link

Completed the first step, now go to the instawload or the w3toys and, in the space to type, paste the copied link click with the right mouse button on the space and then select the option Necklace. Now click the button Download just below, written in white with green background.

Image teaching where to paste the link and where to click to download the Instagram media.Paste the link and then click the download button

On the page that follows, right-click the download button on the right side of the screen. Then just click Save link as and choose the location where you want to save the video, and the process is finished.

If the user does not currently have access to a computer, or does not want to download any application on his smartphone, the process described here can also be done by accessing any of the pages via a browser on the cell phone.

Another way to use your computer to download videos and images from Instagram via extensions on Google Chrome, as we will see below.

Through extension for Google Chrome

As well as the internet pages, there are several extensions for the Google Chrome which are used to download videos and images from Instagram. For example, in this article we show only one of these extensions, but we also leave several suggestions with the direct link for you to choose the one of your preference.

Our tip is extensive Downloader for Instagram, which can be downloaded directly from the Google Chrome extension store.

This extension is very intuitive and provides some shortcuts for easy downloading. In addition to placing a cone next to the address bar, as is normally the case with extensions, the Downloader for Instagram it also adds a button to the shortcuts on the Instagram page itself.

The difference between the two shortcuts is that when clicking on the one next to the browser address bar, the media already loaded on the page are shown, serving as a quick way to download what the user wants.

The other shortcut, located on the bar of the website itself Instagram, it is used to configure the application to download media from a range of posts. But the quickest way to download videos from Instagram is by simply hovering your mouse over the one you want to download and clicking download, which appears in the upper left corner of the video or image.

Image showing the location of the button to download.Do you follow our page on Instagram?

Other extensions are as suggestions to the reader, all with similar functioning that we indicate in this text: Instagram Photo Video Download, Video Downloader for Web, Extension for Instagram and Video Downloader professional.

Downloading from smartphone

Of course, when it comes to Instagram, most people access the social network via their smartphone. Therefore, in the next few lines you will find out how to download videos and images from Instagram from your mobile device, be it Android or iOS operating system.

Through Android

A very popular tool to download Instagram videos on Android devices or Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver, which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.

The process is very simple, it works as we showed in the section to download Instagram media from a page on the computer. Simply copy the desired publication link (in the three dots in the upper right corner) and paste it into Downloader for Instagram. Then, select the option to download and ready, the content will be on your smartphone.

Downloader for Instagram Simple and very intuitive application

Through iOS (iPhone)

For device owners with the company's operating system Apple, The iOS, there are fewer options than for Android or computer to download videos from Instagram. Among the options that we tested the best ReShare Story for Instagram.

When you open the app for the first time, you need to log in to your Instagram account, which is not necessary in any of the solutions we present for other systems. However, when you open the interface, the application shows a feed with the latest video publications from the people you follow, which can be very useful. Another positive point that the app also allows you to download stories.

How to download Instagram videos on your phone or computer ReShare shows a feed with the latest video publications

To download a video, the user must access the desired media for the video or story publication through the user's own interface ReShare. In the window that opens, there is an option to save the video in the upper right corner of the screen. When touching, the application starts to download the video, in a simple way.

How to download Instagram videos on your phone or computer ReShare also allows you to download stories

The application is free, however there are some limitations and many advertisements. To remove them, just buy your paid version, which costs R $ 37.90.

It is worth remembering that it is also possible to download videos from Instagram at the iPhone or Android through the browser, through the sites recommended at the beginning of the instawload and w3toys article.

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