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How to download and activate shortcuts on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The application Shortcuts one hand on the wheel to automate tasks on iOS. However, quite common beginners try to download some shortcut from the internet and come across the warning “Security Settings do not allow unreliable shortcuts“.

What to do in this case?

This is a very simple problem to solve. Check below how to install any shortcuts downloaded from the internet on your iPhone or iPad.

The application Shortcuts integrated with iOS, but needs to be installed by the App Store (LINK). The easiest way to install different features through the Gallery is within the application itself.

However, it is also possible to download shortcuts made by other users, on internet sites. We publish from time to time some useful ones here in Blog.

But as of iOS 13, the system started to consider all shortcuts downloaded from the internet as “unreliable shortcuts“, Preventing you from installing them, at first.

To prevent this type of warning from appearing, it is simple:

  • Open iOS Settings
  • V in the “Shortcuts“
  • Activate the option “Allow Unreliable Shortcuts“

From there, you can install any shortcut you find on the internet. But remember to look for reliable sites, as this feature has the ability to configure several things on your device.

Check this link for some Shortcuts published here at BDI.

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