How to download all your photos from Google Photos and Drive at once

Google Photos is an excellent service offered by Google for backup and storage of your photos and images. It allows users to make unlimited backup of images with up to 16 MP resolution and even 1080p video. However, to download all files at once, you need to use another program. When I needed to download all my photos saved in Google Photos, I used Takeout and I was happy!

How to download all your photos from Google Photos at once

Currently, if you need to download photos saved in Google Photos, you must select the images one by one. If they are in sequence, you can even drag and drop the mouse over them, which speeds up the selection process. But let's face it, this is far from being a practical and quick method.

For this, the search giant offers a tool that allows you to download all the contents of your account if you wish. This is Google Takeout. Google Takeout, as already mentioned, is a tool that allows us to download a single file containing all the content of a given service. In it we can find Blogger, our contacts, favorites, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and a lot of other services offered by the company. Among them is Google Photos.

Well, to download all your images from Google Photos, access the Takeout tool by clicking on this link and, if you don't already log in automatically, enter your login and password to enter the tool. You will see all the services offered by Google and that can be backed up, that is, those that allow data to be downloaded.

Takeout google photos

Google Takeout / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Note that all options are already checked, with a green tick in the right corner. But we don't want to download data for all of them. Therefore, click the No select button to deselect all options.

That done, just select the Google Photos service. If you want to take the opportunity to backup data from other services, feel free. The next step is now to click Next, at the end of the page.

Takeout google photos 1

Selecting only Google Photos for backup / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Then, you must choose the file format and the way in which you want to receive the download link. There are only three file type options: .zip; .tgz and .tbz. For Windows users, the easiest and most common is .zip.

In Display Mode you can choose four ways to download the zip file that will be generated. The first is a link that will be sent to your email, or you can add the file to your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account. Choose whichever is most convenient for you. Finally, click Create file.

Takeout google photos 2

Choose the type of file and how to download / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Ready! Now the service will prepare the zip file that will be sent to you. Depending on how many photos you have saved, this process may take several minutes. So, go have a cup of coffee or watch a series. When everything is ready, you will receive an email.

Takeout google photos 5

When everything is ready, you will receive an email / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Do you use Google Photos? Have you tried to download all of your photos saved to Google Photos at once? Like?

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