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How to do a complete WhatsApp cleanup

Free program available on Google Play helps you delete the files, which WhatsApp leaves stored on your phone because of your conversations. Learn how to use it!

When chatting on WhatsApp with your contacts, it is not unusual for you to end up exchanging files with them, which involves several images and even videos. Although this is a very fun practice, those who do not have much free space on the device may end up running out of space in a short time due to them.

In turn, WhatsApp even has some tools for cleaning up conversations and their files, but they are not always efficient and some residue of them still remain on your phone. Here's how to clean WhatsApp completely from your phone.


The following method for Android makes use of an unofficial app that offers more features than the messenger itself. Who uses WhatsApp on iPhone need only use the official tools of the application, which this tutorial of Digital Look Explains how to use.

How to clean WhatsApp completely on Android

To accomplish the task mentioned above there are several options available on Google Play, and Digital Look has tested some of them and shows below how to use the most efficient one found. Before proceeding with the cleanup, the warning is to be careful when deleting the "Database", which when deleted deletes the local backup of your WhatsApp conversations. Check out:

1. Go to Google Play and download the WhatsApp Cleaner app;


2. Open the application normally for the first time and allow it to access your files. This permission is necessary for the proper functioning of the program;


3. For a complete cleanup, select all items that appear in your home list or just the ones you want and tap “Clear selected data”. In the messages that appear, confirm the deletion of the files.

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If you do not want to delete all files of a certain type, you can also choose what to delete. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the app normally and tap a desired file type;


2. Tap and hold on the items you want to delete and click on the icon represented by a trash can. In the message that appears, tap "Yes".

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Ready! Now you know how to do a complete WhatsApp cleanup on Android. The great advantage of using this method explained above is that you do not have to delete files from each conversation individually, which can save you a lot of time.

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