How to divide your exercise into segments on your Apple Watch to get a better idea of ​​your performance

How to divide your exercise into segments on your Apple Watch to get a better idea of ​​your performance

That the Apple Watch one of the coolest allies that health-focused people can have, I think everyone knows that. After a few initial years of experiencing a certain identity crisis, the watch found its way as a loyal activity and health monitor that, every now and then, shows a notification for you to decrease interactions with your iPhone but not much more than that.

For those who like to have their exercise sessions monitored by Watch, however, a feature can go unnoticed, so discreet that. Did you know that it is possible to separate your activity into segments, to analyze the performance of each part of the exercise separately?

The feature is very useful, especially when you are doing a mixed exercise session and do not want to change the type of activity with each change, for example, alternating between running on the treadmill and training sets. It is also worth segmenting your activity when you change rhythm during the walk / run, to monitor the performance of each part of the training.

Targeting an exercise on Apple Watch

It is very simple to divide your exercise. Just start monitoring as you always do (by going to the Exercise app and selecting the type of training) and, when you want to segment the data monitoring, double tap anywhere on the screen Apple Watch. The watch will then display the time information for “segment 1” and you will automatically enter “segment 2” and be able to create as many segments as you like, just by tapping the screen twice with each change.

It is important to note that the only type of activity that does not allow swimming to be segmented, for a simple reason: as the screen is turned off during the exercise, it is not possible to double-tap it to perform the action.

To see your segmented training information, just do as you always do: on the iPhone, go to the Activity app and, on the Exercises tab, tap the most recent recording. The data for each segment will be recorded there separately, showing the time and calories spent on each segment.

Enjoy and good training!

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