How to disable WhatsApp notifications

If WhatsApp notifications are starting to annoy you, take a deep breath and follow the steps below to make your smartphone not beep every time you receive a new message.

Also learn in this article how to mute groups on WhatsApp.

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How to get rid of WhatsApp notifications and not go crazy.


How to disable WhatsApp notification sounds

To be able to manage notifications on all WhatsApp conversations, just sign in and go to Options> Settings> Notifications.

Within this menu, we can disable notification sounds, vibration, pop-up notifications, and even the color of the LED that activates on receipt of a message (if the smartphone has this option).

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Accessing the settings menu to manage WhatsApp notifications.


How to mute groups in WhatsApp

To make WhatsApp group chats stop sending notifications with each message you receive, simply go to the group information window (top right) and click Mute group.

So you can silence them for 8 hours, 1 week or for up to 1 year.

That way we can block notifications for a particular chat for as long as we like.

Whatsapp notifications
Silencing WhatsApp group notifications. / ANDROIDPIT

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