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How to disable Siri suggestions on iPhone and iPad searches

IOS has a practical feature that greatly helps the user to access what they need faster: in the search field, the system already offers most used application shortcuts, imagining that users are likely to be looking for one of them.

But by contrast, everyone who likes to have recently used applications registered, visible to anyone who might use their iPhone. Everyone has the right to privacy.

Fortunately, you can easily disable Siri Suggestions in the system.

Disabling Siri Suggestions

To disable iOS search suggestions, follow these steps:

1. Open the app Settings.

2. Touch β€œSiri and Search”And slide the screen down until you find the section Siri Suggestions.

3 Disable the β€œSearch Suggestionsβ€œ.

The other two existing options refer to Safari Search (on web pages) and Lock Screen, when the virtual assistant suggests quick shortcuts according to your daily life (such as plotting a route to work).

Disable Siri Suggestions on Today Screen

Another place you will find Siri Suggestions on screen Today, next to the Notification Center. This is a widget that can be disabled as well. See how:

1. Open Notification Center and drag it to the side to view the widgets. It also works to do this on the locked screen of the device.

2. In the widgets screen, go to the bottom to view the "Edit" button. Touch him

1. Remove the "Siri Suggestions" widget from the list.

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