How to disable native applications of your Samsung without root!

One of the biggest complaints from Samsung smartphone owners is the sheer amount of apps that come pre-installed on their device. The most common solution to this problem is to root from the phone. However, for those who prefer to be without root access, the Package Disabler Pro can disable any installed app, and without the need for root.

Disable simple and easy apps: Just check the right box of the corresponding process and you're done, the app won't be updated anymore, won't appear in the app drawer anymore, nor will it consume more RAM. Because Package Disabler gives you access to all packages installed on your smartphone – including system ones – you need to have some knowledge of the Android processes to use it.

For ease of use, the app divides packages into 4 categories:

  • Black packages: can be disabled if user is sure about it;
  • Magenta Packages: bloatware, the system will continue to function if the package is disabled even though some functions may not work;
  • Blue packages: packages enabled;
  • Packages in red: packages with deficiency.

Package Disabler Pro does not uninstall apps from your phone, only disables them, causing them to disappear from the app drawer, not to be updated anymore, and not to use RAM. It is for anyone who wants to improve the performance of their Samsung Galaxy without the need for root, to block apps on children's smartphones, or even to clean the launcher on specific events.

package disabler pro
Be careful when choosing packages. / ANDROIDPIT

Virtually all Samsung smartphones are supported by the Package Disabler. It comes with password protection, ability to import / export disabled apps list (when importing to another smartphone, apps in the list will be automatically disabled) and uninstall protection. Uninstalling Package Disabler is only possible through the app itself: Three Point Menu> Uninstall.

Important: Some of the listed processes are essential for Android to work, so just disable an app if you're sure it's not needed. If after disabling packages some application behaves strangely, check back and enable all processes that may be related to it. Also, before performing a system upgrade, you must enable ALL processes.

AndroidPIT and a Policedeveloper are not responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone by the use of this application. Only install Package Disabler Pro if you know what you are doing.

Package Disabler Pro is available on the Play Store for $ 5.74, it is compatible with almost all Samsung smartphones running Android 2.3.3 or higher and occupies about 4MB of space.

What other solutions without root are there for preinstalled apps?

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