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How to disable automatic update of Samsung apps

If you are a Samsung device owner, you have certainly noticed that the South Korean manufacturer ships a number of pre-installed applications on its models. Some have some utility, while others can easily be replaced by Google's apps. In this tutorial we will show how you can disable automatic updates of Samsung applications if you are considering using alternative applications.

You can use native features on your Android to block automatic application updates. The first is possible through Samsung's Galaxy Apps, the second through Play Store settings, and the third by completely disabling the app (assuming you will no longer use it). If you are an advanced user you can use the root device and then complete removal of the bloatwares pre-installed, as we teach in the links below:

Method 1: Galaxy Apps

Not all Samsung devices have this application, formerly called Samsung Apps. If you do not have this application on your device, we ask that you proceed to method 2 of our tutorial.

If you found Galaxy Apps, select the app and click on the upper left corner to access the settings. In some versions of the application the settings can be accessed through the three dots in the upper right corner. After accessing the settings, select "Update apps automatically" and mark the option "Disable". After this procedure Samsung applications installed on your device will no longer be automatically updated.

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  Disable automatic updates in Galaxy Apps. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>Method 2: Play Store</h2>
<p>The Play Store also offers some options for controlling automatic updates of applications installed on your device. When accessing the store, swipe from left to right and select the option <em>"My apps"</em>. All apps that are on your device will be displayed, locate and select the Samsung app you want to disable updates. When selecting the desired option click on the three points that appears in the upper right corner, and uncheck the option <em>"automatic update"</em>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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  Disable automatic updates in the Play Store. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>Method 3: Disable Application</h2>
<p>If you do not use any of the pre-in-Samsung applications, please be aware that you can disable them through system settings. After this procedure, all background processes of the disabled application will be terminated, saving energy and system resources.</p>
<p>V to <em>Settings> Application Manager</em> and find the apps you want to disable via the tab <em>"All"</em>. Select the desired application and click<em> "Disable"</em>, confirm your choice in the popup that appears and return to the list of <em>apps</em> installed. Remembering that at any time you can enable the disabled application again.</p>
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And which app on your Android have you disabled or disabled automatic updates?

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