How to delete all contacts on iPhone at once

The Contacts app, on iOS, is very minimalist in its interface and also in the general organization options. In fact, many people would like to select and / or delete all contacts on the iPhone at once, and there is no way to do this natively.

The options available when creating / editing a contact are very good and full of details, you can even set up shortcuts for favorites. However, some possibilities are still missing, such as organizing in groups and selecting several contacts at the same time, for example.

How to delete multiple contacts at once

First, it will be necessary to use an application to do this. We will use a simple, free and efficient app: the 1Contact.

1Contact - # 1 Contacts Manager 1Contact - # 1 Contacts Manager

After thedownload of the app, follow the steps:

  1. Open the 1Contact app and allow access to your contacts;
  2. In the first tab, Contacts, touch the pencil cone in the upper left corner;
  3. Then, touch the marking icon in the upper right corner to select all contacts;
  4. Finally, touch the trash can icon in the lower right corner to erase all contacts selected. So, tap the option Delete to finish.

There is also another way, within the same application. Just access the tab Tools and then use the option Cleanup. Da, the process similar to the steps above.

There, now, you can delete all contacts from the iPhone at once. Or, select several to delete.

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