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How to delete a message sent in WhatsApp

The most awaited function by WhatsApp users has finally arrived. The delete feature – cancel, delete or revoke as you wish – has finally come to the messenger's final verse. The following explains briefly how to use it on your Android.

It is worth noting that the message deletion feature was present only in beta until last week, but today (31/10), WhatsApp is releasing the function for everyone through the Play Store. The news comes for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone users and the desktop version of WhatsApp. To use it, I need the recipient and the recipient to be using the latest version of WhatsApp.

Another point to note is that the message can be deleted in the chat of both contacts within 7 minutes of sending it. Both contacts are notified of the removal of the content, even though the message content is no longer visible.

To use, simply select a message, choose Delete and then Delete for All. The example is in the images below:

delete messages whatsapp update
Deleting Messages on WhatsApp / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

WhatsApp Messenger
Install on Google Play

Update your WhatsApp app on the Play Store and try it out!

Is that the feature of WhatsApp you most expected?

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