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How to define which apps can access the internet on your Android – without root!

Many Android apps require internet access: some need it to work, others not so much. Android Lollipop has removed the dedicated internet permission, which has made it very difficult to block access to specific applications. So far, the only solution was to root your device and install a firewall. NetGuard solves this, and without root.

What NetGuard for Android

First of all, NetGuard is still in beta and not available on the Play Store, and the APK can be downloaded directly from GitHub. For those who understand and want more information, the app source code is also available; Even so, you decide to use it at your own risk.

The XDA forum developer app, M66B, who is responsible for the last XPrivacy. NetGuard for Android a firewall It does not require root access, and allows the user to block access to each application's WiFi and / or cellular network, all in one extremely simple interface.

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  The permissions required by the application can be seen above. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>How to use NetGuard for Android</h2>
<p>After installing the app you just need to enable it using the key in the top bar and you're done: all apps are locked. From the three-point menu, you can choose whether the app defaults to block or allow access. To allow / block network access, just touch the icons corresponding to the wifi and cellular network of each application and process. It is also possible to allow internet access only when the device is in use by tapping the small arrow next to the icon of each app.</p>
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NetGuard does not access the internet, it uses the VPN API internally, supporting IPV4, IPV6, TCP and UDP. It was designed to be minimal, so it uses very little battery, completely free, no ads and has open code.

How to download NetGuard for Android

The application is in version 0.8, available for download from GitHub, along with the source code. It occupies about 5.5MB and requires Android Lollipop to function. Also, along with version 0.8, the developer has released a smaller version of the app. During the short time I tested it, I noticed no major differences.

Important: Several applications and processes require internet access to function, so my tip is this: if you don't know this well, just block internet access from apps you know work well without a network, or just block cellular network access to work. those apps that eat your franchise.

What other functions exclusive to rooted devices would you like to see released?

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