How to Decrease Libre / Open / Libre Load Time

Many complain about the slow loading of OpenOffice / LibreOffice / BrOffice, even on powerful machines. So today we will show you how to decrease the startup time of these Linux office suites by adjusting some options within them. As an example I will use Ubuntu OpenOffice, but feel free to do the same steps in your distribution / Suite.

Please open BrOFfice and click Tools >> Options. Within the Options window, select Memory in the left pane and edit the values ​​as follows:

  • Number of steps: 20
  • Use for LibreOffice: 256 MB
  • Memory by object: 50 MB
  • Remove from memory after: 00:05 hh: mm
  • Number of objects: 20

Now select View in the left pane and change the following values:

  • Show font view: uncheck
  • Smooth: uncheck

When done, click OK and feel the differences.