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How to create your Spotify 2019 retrospective

The year 2019 is already over and you may well have used Spotify to listen to much of your favorite music. If you don't remember what you heard there or want to share your taste in music for this year or even the last decade, it might be a good idea to look back at Spotify.

Not to have to do this work manually, of course, the music streaming service has made available a tool that can be accessed by both your application and your computer. Here's how to create your retrospective of what you heard on Spotify in 2019 or during the last decade.

How to do your Spotify retrospective on PC

To mount Spotify hindsight using your computer, the easiest way is to use a company-created website that can be accessed from any browser. Check out:

1. In the browser of your choice, access the Spotify Retrospective website;

2. With the page loaded, click on “Enter”;


3. Login to the platform with your account;


4. Check out the slides with key information from your retrospective;


5. At the end of the presentation, you will have the option to share your retrospective on major social networks.


As you progress through the slides of your retrospective, be sure to check out the interaction some of them offer. In the image below, for example, you can listen to a playlist of your most played songs.


How to do your Spotify retrospective on mobile

Those who already have the habit of using Spotify's mobile app more often find it even easier to do their own retrospective. To do this, just follow these steps:

1. Visit Google Play or the App Store and upgrade Spotify to the latest available version;

2. With the app open, on your home screen, tap “See how your music year was on Spotify” and start checking your retrospective;


3. Just like on the PC, you'll have the option of sharing your Stories retrospective and even creating a playlist of the songs you played most on the platform.

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Ready! Now you know how to create your Spotify retrospective with what you've been listening to the most. In the tests conducted by Digital Look, the Spotify application had some flaws in Android to open the lookback function.