How to create Telegram polls in groups and channels

Telegram is one of the best chat applications available today, superior to even the most popular technology-level WhatsApp. In addition to being more secure, the app also has many different customization options and tools. One of his most interesting options is the ability to create Telegram polls in app groups and placements. This can be done on both the desktop and smartphone versions, but in different ways.

If you are curious and want to know how to create polls on Telegram, just check out our tips. The full tutorial can be seen below! But before you go any further, check out other Telegram articles that may interest you:

Create polls on Telegram on PC

The process of creating polls on Telegram in Desktop version is as simple as possible. Also the method we most recommend, unless you only have the mobile version of the app installed and you don't want to install Telegram on your PC.

To get started, open Telegram on your PC and choose the group or channel you want to poll. Then click on the three vertical dots at the top left of the screen.

create polls on telegram

This will show some additional app options. Choose the "Create Poll" to proceed.

create poll in group telegram

This will open a small menu with the main settings for your poll. First write the question you want to ask in it.

questions on telegram

Now you can write the different possible answers that people can give. D to put up to eight different answer options.

When you enter all the answers you want, just click the "Create" button.

With this done, the Telegram poll will be created in the group or channel you have previously selected.

create polls in telegram answers

Team members may vote, including you. Results will be displayed in real time after each vote is cast.

answer group vote

Remember that the vote is anonymous, unless the group members themselves say what they voted for.

As you can see, the process is very simple and can be done in a few seconds. In the mobile version, the situation is slightly different, as we will see below.

Create polls on Telegram on smartphone

Unlike the desktop version, Telegram's mobile app does not yet have a single tool for creating polls. Instead, we will use a bot that is specifically for creating polls on Telegram.

In this case, we will use VoteBot, which polls the phone. To open it, just open any chat, send a message with the word @vote and click on the link below.

polls button on telegram

When the chat with the bot opens, click "Start."

use bots for questions

This will start creating your poll. The first option will be to do the public poll (Public) or anonymous (Anonymous), which depends on your preference.

do polls on telegram

With that decided, you can write and submit the question that will be asked in the poll. Just type and send it as a normal message to the bot.

Now you will do the same to decide the poll questions. You need to type and submit at least two answer options, but you need to do one at a time.

answers to telegram polls

Once you have submitted all possible responses, click on the “/ done” link to finish creating the poll.

finalize telegram polls

Publishing the poll on Telegram

You will see it in bot chat with some options. Click on “Publish” to send it to one or more groups / channels you have on Telegram.

send telegram polls

You can check in the groups to see if she is showing up all right.

Members of groups or channels will be able to answer it normally and the results will be displayed in real time.

chat questions

Quite simple, isn't it ?! Of course, having to use the bot is more tiring, but it may be that the option to create polls will be added natively in the Telegram mobile app in the future.

Either way, you can create as many polls as you like in Telegram this way. All of them will still be available in your chat with the bot, so d to go back to check them out whenever you want.

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