How to create audio notes on iPhone or iPad

There are situations in which you need to take quick notes, to remember later: an idea that quickly crossed your mind, or a task that you perform and that needs to make a report later. Or even things you need to remember to do later in the day.

Many use the native app Grades to write everything down, but sometimes, on the run, stopping everything you’re doing to write ends up taking time that you don’t have. That’s why vocal notes they are often a hand in the wheel for you to create a reminder without having to stop what you are doing.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do this easily on your iPhone.

There are those who already use this technique of recording voice memos, however in a “homemade“. Send a message to yourself on iMessage or to someone on WhatsApp. However, this way causes some risk of loss of content. In iMessage, for example, if the system is configured to erase the audio message 2 minutes after being heard, you may lose what you recorded without even realizing it.

The ideal is to use an application dedicated to this, that quickly records your notes and that leaves everything recorded safely. There are options in the App Store for this, however, in this article we’ll highlight a native iOS app: the Recorder.

Creating vocal notes on iPhone or iPad

It is quite simple to create vocal notes using the iOS Recorder. The application is present on the system by default, but if you deleted it because you didn’t think you would need it, you can easily reinstall it from the App Store. Just type “recorder” and the first search result will be it.

To record your notes, follow the steps:

Step 1 – Open the Recorder application

Step 2 – Touch the red button and start talking near the device

Step 3 – When you’re done saying what you want, touch the button with the red square to stop recording.

Step 4 – (optional) Change the file name, so you can get better organized and know what that audio is about

Adding a shortcut to the Control Center

To make it even easier to access the Recorder and allow you to make notes quickly, it is possible to include an app shortcut in the Control Center.

Open iOS Settings, go to the menu Control Center ›Customize Controls and add the Recorder shortcut.


  • By default, your recordings will be synchronized by iCloud with all devices connected to your account. This can be undone in the iCloud settings.
  • If you decide to make higher vocal notes, be aware of the device’s battery level. If the device turns off while recording, it will be lost.
  • You can send the audio to any other application, through the sharing menu. For WhatsApp, for example.

Now that you know how easy it is to record audio notes on your iPhone or iPad, try using this feature more often. Suddenly you discover that this can change your daily life and make you more productive. ?