How to create and share iCloud calendars on the web, macOS, or iOS

I believe it is not necessary to explain here, in the middle of 2018, the almost indispensable usefulness of a calendar digital i imagine that most of you use some kind of solution in this sense to organize your troubled lives full of commitments (or not). A practice that is almost as useful as, however, less widespread: that of calendar sharing.

There are many situations in which a shared calendar comes in handy. You can assemble as in the examples I show below the itinerary of a trip and share it with your fellow travelers; you can create a calendar of interest in the cinema and share it with your group of cinematic friends or, who knows, simply make a list of family commitments and share your parents, children, brothers, uncles, cousins ​​and the like. Imagination is the limit!

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The best is if you are a user of iCloud, creating and sharing calendars is a very simple task. Want to see? See below how to do this on the web (via iCloud), macOS (Mac) and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

On the web (via iCloud)

Access your iCloud account and open the Calendar (Calendar). If the side flap is hidden, reveal it by clicking on the calendar icon at the bottom, left of the Day / Week / Ms selector.

Creating and sharing calendars on the web, macOS, and iOS

Select the calendar you want to share or, if you are creating one from scratch, like me, click on "Edit" and then on the "+" on the bottom bar, giving it a name and you can also define a specific color for the calendar.

Creating and sharing calendars on the web, macOS, and iOS

Set up your calendar the way you want it, by double-clicking on the day you want to add an event and configuring it with all the options and information you want (you can, for example, choose to repeat an event weekly, monthly or annually). Once your calendar is complete, go to your name in the sidebar and click on the share symbol (which looks like a Wi-Fi indicator).

Creating and sharing calendars on the web, macOS, and iOS

Select whether you want to share the calendar only privately (that is, only with iCloud contacts that you type manually) or publicly (in this case, a link will be generated for anyone to subscribe to the calendar). Then, enter the desired contacts and click "OK" or share the link with whoever you want!

On macOS

Open the Calendar app and make sure you are logged in to your iCloud account. Comes New Calendar Archive and name your creation. Just like on the web, configure your calendar with the events you want.

Creating and sharing calendars on the web, macOS, and iOS

Click on the sharing symbol in the sidebar and enter the contacts with whom you want to share the calendar (or select the “Public Calendar” option for a general sharing link.

On iOS

Open the Calendar app. Tap on "Calendrios" at the bottom, and "Add Calendrio", naming your project. Configure your calendar as you wish, by tapping the “+” sign to add the desired events and configuring them as appropriate.

Returning to the “Calendrios” screen, tap the “i” button for the calendar you want to share. Tap on “Add person” to add the desired iCloud contacts or activate the option “Public Calendar” to share it freely.

Bonuses: Family Sharing

If your whole family uses iCloud's Family Sharing feature, things get even easier.

Family Sharing

This is because, in addition to sharing a photo album and reminders, the resource automatically generates a family calendar, in which you can view, add and modify events and appointments.

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