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How to create a slidshow easily on Linux

Let's show you how to easily and easily create a Slideshow on Linux.

When we take several photos with our cell phones or digital cameras and we pass them to our computer and want to present to friends or family, we don't want to get stuck to the keyboard and keep clicking the little arrows to move or rewind the photos or images.

How to create a slidshow easily on Linux

Today we will show how to use a very famous application in the Linux world for this: Shotwell.

O Shotwell It is a popular application for managing photos and images, and is found in most Linux distributions.

First let's install it, which you find in the app store of your district, just look for shotwell and install it.

Then we will indicate the folder we want to import the photos

After importing the photos, let's go to presentation mode.

Done this just enjoy the presentation of photos or images.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the tip. =)

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