How to create a shortcut for apps in the notification bar

Peluncur Bar: Cara membuat pintasan untuk aplikasi di bilah notifikasi

The notification bar is one of the most useful functions of Android, but like almost everything on this operating system, it can still be optimized. After showing you how to recover deleted notifications, today weā€™ll explain how to create shortcuts to your favorite apps in that bar.

barra3 Ā© AndroidPIT

The process is very simple, and is made possible by the free app called Bar Launcher. It creates a secondary bar in the notification bar. This tool is compatible with almost all current devices, and the only requirement is to have Android 4.0 or higher (nor does it require prizes).

You can download the Bar Launcher from this link.

How the Bar Launcher works

After installing and opening the app, you will see a very simple interface. By clicking on the blue + button you can add applications (up to the limit of 8), and at the top right you can enable or disable the bar.

barra1 The Bar Launcher interface couldnā€™t be simpler. / Ā© AndroidPIT

If we add an app by mistake, we just have to drag it to the right and it will disappear. To reorder apps, just long click on the app and move it around.

barra2 On the left the app menu, and on the right the bar with the apps / Ā© AndroidPIT

In addition, you can create multiple lines in your notification bar. Click on the three menu points and you will see the option Add row.

Finally, in Settings you can change some parameters like wallpaper and priority of notifications or apps.

Have you tested the app? Do you know equivalent tools?

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