Como criar um site de vendas? [Guia Completo 2020]

How to create a sales website? [Guia Completo 2020]

In the present day when many people have lost their job due to quarantine, everyone is looking for some way to make money, especially if they can work over the internet. To do this, knowing how to create a sales website is a very valid and possibly profitable idea, as long as the right platform is used.

So keep reading our article to find out what the best platform is for those who want to create a website to make sales online!

1. Which platform to use?

There is a huge diversity of platforms that can be used to create a sales site to start working at home, many of which are completely free or at least offer a very complete free modality. Here, we will take a more superficial look at some of the larger ones and make a recommendation.

Some of the best known and easiest to use to create websites without the help of an expert are the Bagy the Nuvemshop, the Wix, the Shopify and oZyro, all with several features for creating e-commerce sites, and some that even allow you to create a personal or professional blog, for example.

Bagy is fundamentally a platform dedicated to the creation of sales sites integrated with Instagram Shopping, through which you can easily sell all your products from just your posts on the biggest social network of image sharing.

Nuvemshop is a tool to create complete sales sites, regardless of whether you own a large or small entrepreneur, and can scale the site with ease.

Possibly the best known of all, Wix offers possibilities for creating websites and blogs of all kinds, including sales, using customizable and easy-to-use templates, making it perfect for beginners.

Dedicated exclusively to creating a sales website, Shopify has integration with Facebook, which makes the task of setting up your online store even easier. It also offers a huge stock of store models to choose from and many other very useful tools.

Finally, we also have Zyro, a really complete platform that has several features for you to create your website or blog as you wish, with a very large collection of images to use, website creation guides, slogan and logo generator and many other really incredible things. what we recommend that you use.

2. What is Zyro?

Zyro is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to learn how to create a sales website, with all the best tools to make it possible, in addition to 24/7 support to solve any problem you may face.

No matter the scale of your project: be it a neighborhood bakery or a multinational company you can successfully create the perfect website through Zyro.

It has features that use AI to personalize the site, use the newest technological advances and even help you create perfect content!

Why use it?

There are many reasons why it is really recommended to use Zyro. Probably the easiest way to create a website, it is also extremely powerful and allows anyone to use it, without having any notion of programming or design.

Why use zyro How to create a sales website

It offers many templates created by professional designers, which only serves to make everything even simpler. But, if you want to create the sales website from scratch, of course you can. Using your editor, just drag and drop the elements and place them wherever you want, and you can also use a grid system to have better control.

With the proprietary AI Writer, you will have new automatically generated content, helping you that is not particularly good at writing.

All sites created through Zyro load extremely fast, being really good for getting new visitors, since no one wants to wait for the site to load. In addition, it allows the expansion of your website with simplicity, being able to make it bigger when you want, as your business grows.

Do you know when you open a website on your smartphone and its interface is bad? So, when creating a sales website on this platform this will never happen, as they create a mobile version at the same time that you are creating the version for computer browsers.

Zyro also offers optimization on your own account, saving you not only time when creating it, but also appearing at the top of Google searches since always.

To help with customization, they offer you access to more than a million free images from the Unsplash collection.

In both paid and free versions, your website will have an SSL certificate, in addition to a customizable domain and unique in the paid plan. It allows you to create a logo easily, or use the logo generator to make your life even easier.

Better yet, it offers completely free hosting for all users, which serves to reduce the costs of creating and maintaining your website.

What plans are offered?

Zyro offers three plans for its users, through which it is possible to create a sales website or any type you want: Grtis, which obviously costs nothing, the Basic, which has a monthly cost of just 1.99 dollars per month and the Unlimited, which costs US $ 3.49 per month.

At theFree you have a very limited bandwidth, of only 500 MB, in addition to a storage of 500 MB, besides not allowing you to connect your own domain, to have advertisements, not to have integration by messenger or to give access to Google Analytics.

At theBasic you have access to all the same features as in the planUnlimited, but with a very limited bandwidth and storage, with only 10 GB of bandwidth and storage.

Finally, in theUnlimited you have no limit on the storage offered, you have no bandwidth limitations and, just like in theBasic, has no advertisements, allows you to connect to your own domain, has a connection with Google Tag Manager and more.

Zyro plans

3. How to use Zyro to create a sales website?

Now that you know everything about Zyro and understand why it is the best platform for you, we will explain the process of creating a website, which can also be sales.

Create account

First, follow the link to their official website, where you can start the account creation process. L, click “Join Zyro” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Create account 1 How to create a sales website

You will be redirected to a screen where you can choose to register with your email address, connecting your Google account or Facebook account.

If you choose to create with email, on the next screen you should create a password, type your name and click "Create an account", not forgetting to deselect the option that says"I would like to be added to the Zyro mailing list".

Create account 2

Creating the first website

Right after you finish making your account, go to see a screen welcoming you offering help in the process of creating a sales site. click in"Start" to start the process.

A template selection screen will be redirected to your website, from the various options offered. Choose the one that best fits the idea you have for what you want to do, and you can also click on"Prvia"to get an idea of ​​how it looks, and can also see how to look on smartphones and tablets. If you like it, just click“Start creating”.

Choose template How to create a sales website

Choose template 2 How to create a sales website

In this, you will go to the Zyro website editor, where you can drag all the existing elements, edit them and add new ones as desired, making use of the most diverse tools and options that the site offers you. When you click to drag, a grid will appear to serve as a "guide" on where to place the element in question.

To edit the text, you need to click on the text element and click"Edit Text". You can edit the sections of the website, which are the various parts of a page, by clicking“Edit Section”, where you can switch between image or background color, change the image as desired or select what color you want.

By scrolling down, you can create a new section and resize existing ones. It is also possible to add elements, being able to choose between texts, buttons, videos, images and maps. Beside this option box you can manage and add new pages and create a complete sales website.

Settings How to create a sales website

On the right side of the screen is the“AI writer”, which will generate automatic texts for your website based on some guidelines you give. Unfortunately, the writer only works in the English language, being almost useless for anyone who wants a store here in Brazil.

To see how the site is doing and if it is working, just click on"Preview" at the top right corner. With that, you will see the version for browsers and, by clicking on the smartphone icon, see the version for mobile devices. When you're good, just click“Publish Website” to publish it.

Publishing the site

This is probably the easiest step in our guide to creating a sales website. Right after clicking “Publish Website” a window will open, where you can choose whether to use a free domain, with ""in the name, or use your own domain, which can be as you wish.

In the first case, just enter the domain you want until the message that it is available appears and click"Continues". There, your website went live!

In the second option, select"Connect your own domain" and click"Continues" to be directed to the selection of plans, after which you can connect your existing domain, which will not contain"" in him.


Using the heat map IA

Zyro offers all its users an IA heat map, with which you can upload an image that will be present on the website and it will determine which areas customers will look at most, helping with the placement of texts and buttons .

D to predict behaviors easily, predicting preferences and knowing how people will behave when going to the site. This makes it even easier to sell!

The Heat Map also offers the possibility to improve the user's experience automatically, even before you receive any visit.

With it, you don't need to buy any plugin or subscribe to any other service to get access to it: free with Zyro!

IA heatmap How to create a sales website

How to create a logo for your sales website

Another very cool tool that is included in any site plan is the logo maker, which allows users to create beautiful logos for their brand in a matter of minutes.

Turn your creative ideas into reality, without having to hire a professional designer. Customize the cone, the size of the text, add shapes and fully reflect what your company represents.

The creation takes place through this site, where you select the way you want and write the text, in addition to adjusting the positioning as it gets better. Choose from thousands of themes and do exactly what you like!

Better yet, not only does your logo have a transparent background, which makes it compatible with any color, but it also uses the logo design trends to help you create. And everything will be unique!

Logo How to create a sales website

What about your complete guide to creating a sales website?

Leave in the comments if you already knew Zyro or if we were the ones who introduced you to this excellent and complete platform. Don't forget to check out our guides on how to make extra income easily, how to choose the right digital bank for you and how to create a blog for yourself!