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How to create a routine in your Google Assistant

And, not by chance, this tool is full of functions, and in most cases we only use one or the other of it. Or, just kidding by asking a few things in voice command. Today we will teach how to set up and use routines, one of the best functions of this service.

Routines, as the name implies, perform pre-set functions according to an action or command. In the case of Google Assistant, routines are enabled through voice controls. There are two types of routines: the ones suggested by Google and the ones you can create yourself. We will talk about both.

Google routines

The app you should use to set up any routine, whether it's Google's pre-made or your own, the Google app itself, which is probably already installed on your smartphone. You can also access the settings through Google Home.

Find the app in your app drawer, or drag your finger to the device's home, always to the right, until you reach the Google Discover page. In the upper right corner, touch the three dots and then Settings> Google Assistant> Assistant.

google assistant routine 01
Find the function of routines / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

In the list, find the function Routines and touch her. You will see a list of Ready, routines that Google already suggests with some pre-chosen actions, but that you can change to your liking. There are routines for when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you leave home, when you get home, and when you are on your way to work or home. Touch any of them.

a very intuitive page that practically explains itself. She shows the When I say…, and in this field you leave it with Google's suggestion or tap on the phrase to edit the command. For these ready-made routines, the default phrase cannot be edited, but on the "+" button you can add a new voice command.

google assistant routine 02
Complete ready-made routines / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can add as many new phrases as you like, remembering to choose something that is easy for the Assistant to understand, and not too long. In this case, it could be something like "I'm waking up", always being preceded by the "Ok Google" command.

Then we move to the area My assistant must … where we will choose the actions the routine will perform and also in which order. You can simply tap the left square of each action to turn any of them on or off. Geared actions can be more personalized, such as setting addresses and adjusting volumes.

google assistant routine 03
It is possible to customize ready-made routines / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

To change the order of events, click Change Order, and to add more, tap Add To. In this area, you must write new voice commands (not accepted by Google, not created by you) to add actions as if you were talking to the Assistant. You can add, for example, something like "Turn on the bedroom light". Tap Add when you are done.

google assistant routine 04
You give voice commands without having to use your / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Finally there is the section And then reproduce … which is more connected to media and content. You can ask Google to play some music (including playlists and podcasts from your favorite app), radio ringtone (which in this case are news podcasts of some pre-chosen services) or even do nothing. In the sleeping routine there is also the option of reproducing sleeping sounds.

google assistant routine 05
Media can also be used in routines / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Basically that. There are some limitations, but it is generally possible to set up very practical routines for everyday life. The Good Morning and Good Night are the most interesting, because while you are waking up or lying down, the smartphone will be adapting to what you need and informing about schedule, routes and others.

Create your own routine

But even more interesting is the possibility of creating their own routines, beyond what Google suggests. You may want a routine to happen when you say there are home visits, or when you want to meditate, or when you travel specifically.

In that case, still on the routines page, you tap the + at the bottom of the screen. The new routine is blank, and you will have to choose a phrase to start routine. Write what you should say, remembering to keep it as simple as you can. As with ready-made ones, you can choose more than one command for the same routine. Tap on OK and then on Come back to continue.

google assistant routine 06
Creating your own routine / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Then tap Add to, and once again you can write what you would say to Google Assistant in the routine. However, in this custom routine option, you can also tap "Choose most used actions" and select some that Google considers most useful. There is weather forecasting, messaging, adjusting media volume, saying something and many others. Enjoy.

Then, just like in the ready-made actions, you can choose the media playback by tapping Add media. You can choose the same ones presented before and also configure them to your liking. And that's it, you have your routines set up and now your smartphone is smarter and working for you.

google assistant routine 07
Google suggests most common actions for you to build your routine / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

There will be more functions in the future.

Do you have a little envy of that iOS function that controls routines using system applications and also those installed by the user? Well, in a while this will also be possible on Android, with the "App Actions" function. It should work exactly as we envision it, and we may include external applications in the Wizard routines.

The possibility was demonstrated at Google I / O 2018, and this year was released to developers. For now, it can only be used by apps in four categories: health & fitness, finance and banking, travel sharing, and food ordering. Apps like PayPal and Nike Run Club have already been shown as options.

And the? Are you going to create your routines? Already use this function?

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