How to create a free podcast and publish to Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Learn how to create your own podcast for free and publish it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

Podcasts are available on a wide variety of platforms, are mostly free, and are an excellent dissemination and learning tool. These are just a few of the many reasons that make podcasts a rising media today.

how to create a podcast and publish to spotify and apple podcasts

Access to this type of media is so easy that the fact that you are reading this article now is a sign that you have the means to access a huge number of podcasts on a wide range of subjects that may interest you.

Just as the demand for podcasts is on the rise, so are people wishing to create such content. Through an Instagram survey, we asked which of you have thought of having a podcast. The number of positive responses was huge. But the vast majority of these people have not yet been able to fulfill this wish. This happens for various reasons, such as: not knowing what to talk about, lack of staff to integrate the project, lack of time, or simply not knowing how to start.

Our goal with this article is to help those people who don't know where to start. Or that they mistakenly think that creating a podcast is complicated, laborious, and takes an exorbitant amount of time.

How to make?

The tool we will use Castbox, which has long been a partner of our YouTube channel. Castbox is a free service that integrates with many other services such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. The great thing about Castbox is that it allows you to listen to podcasts through your computer or mobile app. It also allows you to create and publish your own podcast, not only in Castbox itself, but also in other services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

In the following video we teach you the walkthrough of how to create and publish your podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Are you in this fashion of listening to podcasts too? Or create content for this kind of media? Tell us in the comments which ones you like best, or what is your own podcast.

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