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How to create a free blog and make extra income? [Guia Completo]

In the situation we are in, everyone is in need of some way to earn extra money. Learning how to create a free blog is a good way to really earn extra income.

To learn the step-by-step how to do this, just continue reading our guide, where we indicate the best platform and teach you how to use it.c

1. Why create a blog?

There are a wide variety of reasons why you may want to create a free blog and make extra income, many of which may not even have crossed your mind by now. In this first topic, we will address precisely this: what do you gain from benefits by doing this?

Having a blog gives you visibility

You probably already thought about it, but creating a blog will help you increase your online visibility a lot, which will help you sell your products. With it, it is easier to create a connection with your audience, even more so if what you post is of high quality.

With this, those who already accompany you will feel encouraged to share your content with friends and acquaintances, increasing the number of readers and their reach, captivating and maintaining a consistent and growing audience.

Having a blog gives you credibility

A relatively unique factor for blogs is the fact that they help you to expand your brand easily, quickly increasing your credibility and authority over the subjects you cover, something that is caused simply because text media tend to be better at it .

In addition, your readers will recognize you as an authority or an expert in the topics they write about, which is because those who accompany you only do so because they believe that what you consume is really good – the need to write impeccably.

Having a blog helps in your trade

If you want to know how to create a free blog and make extra income, that's probably one of the reasons: increase your sales. Blogs are meant to help people with physical stores, e-commerce and even influencers to increase their reach and the number of buyers.

For this to work, the blog has to be active. If not, readers will not want to accompany you nor will they feel closer to you, which is important to sell. The products also need to be really good, because no one will buy twice.

Having a blog can help you personally

To solve communication problems, improve writing and even reasoning, having a blog is a good idea. With this format, you are forced to write and pay attention to what you write, which will help in previous questions.

In addition, you may also be able to learn to search online much more efficiently for two reasons. The first is that to write articles you will need references. The second is that in the process of achieving success, it is necessary to learn how search engines work.

Having a blog can help other people

The last major reason for creating a free blog and making extra income is only valid for a part of people. But, if you want to be able to help others through teaching and tips, this will serve as a motivation. With a blog, you can help those who have very simple problems or even more specific problems.

2. Decide your market

Now that you know all the reasons besides making money to have a blog, it is time to decide which market it will cover, something that can be somewhat complicated due to the myriad of subjects to choose from.

As a general rule, the choice should be made based on two factors: how much you like the subject and the number of competitors in the area. That is, it is necessary that you feel comfortable writing and researching.

Wpromote conducted a study on the most and least common topics for blogs to address and the resulting list is below. Keep in mind that they can vary a lot between countries.

Decide your market

3. Which platform to use?

An important decision for those who want to work at home when learning how to create a free blog and make extra income by choosing the platform, since there are a large number of tools that can be used for this purpose.

Among the best known are, Wix, Blogger and Zyro, all with features to create websites without the help of a specialist of the topic, in a really complete and easy way.

platforms How to create a free blog and make extra income, without a doubt, is the best alternative to create websites and blogs, being the most complete and customizable. However, it has some very big negative points: you need to understand the programming to use it, in addition to having to pay for a hosting serviceand buy a domain.

Wix is ​​possibly the best known platform on the list, offering a completely free plan with domain and hosting included, enabling the creation of a virtual store and much more in a very customizable way.

Blogger is the Google tool that allows you to create websites without paying anything, using the company's hosting, in addition to giving you a domain and counting on AdSense integration, facilitating the earning of money.

Finally, we have Zyro, which we recommend to anyone who wants to make their blog for free. It has excellent features, a really large collection of images, guides to help you create your website or blog, a generator of slogans and logos, and even better, it offers a free plan similar to Wix!

4. What is Zyro?

It is decided that Zyro will use it to create a free blog and make extra income. But you may be wondering what exactly is it. So, here we will give a brief explanation about it!

what zyro How to create a free blog and make extra income

It is a platform to be able to create a website of the format that is easy, with the best tools that allow it, in addition to offering 24h support to solve any problem you may have.

Why use it?

The easiest way to create your own free website is extremely powerful. It does not require any knowledge of programming or design to be used.

It offers templates created by professional designers, in addition to allowing the creation of your website from scratch. The editor is very easy to use, too, just by dragging and dropping the elements wherever you want.

It has a proprietary AI Writer (which is only available in English) that generates texts automatically for the blog.

The sites load very fast, which makes visitors feel encouraged to explore them. After all, no one will wait for a minute for each page to load.

Automatically adapts to any mobile device, which is a bonus. Remember when you visited a page on your smartphone and it got really bad? It won't happen here!

Whoever creates a free blog to make extra income on Zyro will have the blog automatically optimized to appear more in Google search results.

It guarantees an SSL certificate and a free domain for its users, besides allowing the creation of logos with ease.

What plans are offered?

Another benefit of using Zyro is the fact that, in addition to the possibility of using it for free, you can also easily expand your website by subscribing to any of the paid plans, through which you will have much more benefits (in addition to more bandwidth) ).

zyro plans How to create a free blog and make extra income

The three are theFree, where you pay nothing, the Basic, which costs 1.99 dollars per month and theUnlimited, which costs $ 3.49 per month.

At theFree bandwidth and storage are limited to 500 MB, there are advertisements, no access to Google Analytics and some more restrictions.

OBasicoffers all the functionality of theUnlimited, with the exception of bandwidth and storage, which are restricted to just 10GB each.

Finally, in theUnlimited having no bandwidth or storage limits, having no advertisements, you can use your own domain and more.

5. How to use Zyro to create a free blog and make extra income?

It's finally time to find out how to use this excellent platform to create your own website or blog right now!

Account creation

The first step is to create your account, which must be done through the official Zyro website. On the home page, click Join Zyro in the upper right corner of the screen you will be redirected to a screen where you can choose whether to register with your email address, connecting your Google account or your Facebook account.

create account 1 How to create a free blog and make extra income

If you have chosen to create with your email, you must create a strong password to associate an account, enter your name and click Create an account. If you don't want to receive emails from the platform, uncheck the box that says I would like to be added to the Zyro mailing list.

create account 2

Creating the first website

With your account created, you will be redirected to a welcome screen that will offer help in the process of creating a free blog to make extra income. Just click Start" to continue.

Now, choose the template for your site from a good number of options. Choose the one that best fits with what you plan to do with the site. To get an idea of ​​how it looks, you can click"Prvia", where to have an example of smartphone design as well. If you like it, click“Start creating.

creating blog How to create a free blog and make extra income

Website editor

You will be redirected to the platform's website editor, where you can edit all existing elements and add new ones as you wish or need. This can be done using the various tools that Zyro offers you.

Editions are of several types: repositioning, just click and drag (and a grid will appear to help guide); text editing, where you need to click on the element and then on"Edit Text"; edit yourself by clicking“Edit Section to choose the background color or image in addition to changing their size.

Another thing about creating a free blog to make extra income for Zyro is that you can add new sections or elements, among which are texts, buttons, videos, images and maps. Beside the element addition bar, there is the option of managing and adding new pages.

editor How

On the right side is the“AI writer”, which has the functionality to generate new texts automatically for your site using some guidelines. However, this writer only generates texts in English, which makes him almost useless for Brazilian entrepreneurs.

After having edited it, to see how it is and how it works click on the button"Preview" at the top right corner. You will see the version for computer browsers and, by clicking on the smartphone icon, you will see the version for mobile devices.

Publishing the site

After seeing how good the site is and finding it, just click on“Publish Website” to put it in the air. A window will open and you must choose what your free domain will be,, or use your own domain (option is only available on paid plans).

There are some recommendations on how to choose a good domain, which are listed below:

  • It must be easy to remember and simple;
  • It should not contain two identical letters together, as in "current technology";
  • It should be short and easy to write, avoiding, for example, “TudoSobreATecnologiaAtual”, preferring only “AtualTecnologia”;
  • Never use trademarks in your domain.

With that in mind, enter your preferred domain and, if available, click "Continues". With that, the site is online!

Blog post create a free blog and make extra income

6. Opt for a monetization model

Finally, it is necessary to choose a monetization model. After all, the plan is to create a free blog to make extra income, right?

There are two main models, listed below:

  • Indirect monetization: This model most used in personal and professional blogs. Basically, the blog does not generate income, but advertises for you to be called for services;
  • Direct monetization: Here, the blog generates income and the most common model. It works through Google's affiliate programs or advertisements, and is quite effective for blogs that publish articles frequently.

And, did you like our complete guide on how to create a free blog and make extra income?

Leave your opinion in the comments, saying if you already knew the platform we covered or if you prefer any other. Don't forget to check, too, how to choose the ideal digital bank for you and our tutorial on how to make extra income online.