How to copy music and books from iPad and iPhone to computer

How to copy music and books from iPad and iPhone to computer

In this article we teach something that, sooner or later, everyone will need to do: transfer music files or the books and PDFs present on the iPhone, iPod or iPad to the computer.

Many of our readers have experienced the following situation: the computer has broken down and the entire music library has been left on the iPhone or iPad. It would be easy to recover it, if Apple did not prevent it from copying the songs back to the computer, a requirement of record companies to hinder piracy and file exchange. So how do you not to lose your heart music?

And the worst thing is that the songs are not saved when the device is backed up.

Well, if you bought them from the iTunes Store, it’s easier, as you just need to download them again directly from the online store. But if you put music from your collection, which took hours to convert from CD to digital format, you will need an external program to get the music from the device.

Check out our step by step so you can recover your music.

Step 1: Get the app iTools, for Windows or Mac. It is free.

Step 2: Install on your computer, run it and connect your device to the computer via USB cable. You will see all the features of your device appear.

Step 3: In the left column, look for the item Average in the Windows version, or Music Mac version. Choose the songs you want to copy and click Export.

Step 4: Choose the place on your computer to save the songs and all of them will be copied, to be added in iTunes or wherever you want.

There, the service is done. ?

As a bonus, the same program is used to transfer other files, such as books and PDFs present in the application. iBooks, because through iTunes there is also no way to download them individually. With iTools, you can save to your computer wherever you want.

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