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How to convert any file to any format on Linux without downloading any programs

It sounds like a miracle, but the power of Linux!

Today I had a problem, I wanted to run a system in VirtualBox, Mac OS SnowLeopard, but the system image was in IMG format, which VirtualBox does not accept, needed to change its format to ISO.

I researched a lot, including Windows programs but nothing … even the trendy Format Factory does such a miracle.

To my surprise, I found out by researching Ubuntu (Linux in general). I could do this for myself without having to install anything at all!

How to convert IMG to ISO

The miraculous feature is actually an implementation of Unix systems, and Linux being a derivative inherited this tool simply called DD.

DD is a text mode converter / copier for Linux and can, according to the tests I've done, convert IMG to ISO, RMVB to AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, WMA … and so on, these were the formats that I tested and proved to work.


But how does it work?

What makes it even better are very simple commands, see, in the example I will convert such a file Mac.img to Mac.iso.

dd if =/home / user / Downloads / mac.img of =/home / user / Documents /mac.iso

Note that I have highlighted 3 excerpts from the simple command, I will explain how it works, the first part "dd if =" is used to start the command, forward the blue part to the file location with its extension, the second part starts with " of = ", that the output command, the blue part is the directory where you want to save the converted / copied file with the extension you want it to have, notice at the end I put" .iso ".

The Mac image was 4.9 GB, and it was converted in about 5 min. I made the text with other media files, videos, audios and the conversion was instant.

I'll tell you, it looks amazing magic!

Take the test, you'll never need a program to convert formats!

This is the best tip of ms for sure!

See you next time!