Convertendo img em vdi

How to convert a ".img" file to ".vdi" for use in VirtualBox

Recently we made some videos featuring Endless OS, a Linux-based operating system that has a very consistent educational proposition, but some people had a hard time testing the system by virtual machine, because of the non-system distribution format. iso, and yes in .img, but, that will no longer be problem.

Recently we did some videos featuring Endless OSis a Linux based operating system that has a very consistent educational purpose, but some people had difficulty testing the system by virtual machine because of the system distribution format not being in .iso, and yes in.imgBut, that will be no problem. Converting img to vdi

Without much winding, let's go to the procedure that is very simple.

The first step is to have VirtualBox already installed, then install it on your system either by downloading the installer from the site or by downloading it from the Program Center.

Once you have it installed correctly, open your Linux terminal and go to the folder where you have the file with the extension .img and run the following command:

VBoxManage convertfromraw –format VDI .img file .vdi file

At where .img file the name of the .img file you want to convert a VirtualBox disk to is red, and .vdi file in blue name of the final VB disk format file you want.

After that, you just replace the vdi file, which is the disk drive in VirtualBox and add to the one you just created. Only this, in this specific case, you can test Endless OS in VirtualBox.

See you next time!

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