How to complete your income tax return on your iPhone or iPad

Most Brazilians end up leaving to deliver their Income tax declaration (IRPF) closer to the deadline, which this year is on April 30th.

If you are one of them, know that now the version of the application for iPhone and iPad is much more complete than in other years, allowing you to make your statement directly on your phone without having to install programs on your computer.

Below you have the step by step how to recover your data from last year to use in the application.

The explanation we will give here is focused on Apple products, but it also works on Android devices.

The recipe app for mobile devices (link) has some limitations. It cannot be used in cases of:

  • filling out final estate tax returns;
  • definitive departure from the country;
  • taxpayers required to complete statements of rural activity, capital gain or variable income;
  • taxpayers who have taxable income or payments over R $ 5 million (are required to use the digital certificate);
  • taxpayers paid abroad.

Save draft online

One of the advantages of starting the Declaration through the application is that all data is saved online, in the Revenue database. This allows you to continue on another device or even on your computer, before sending.

Keep everything in the cloud

Unfortunately a lot of people have trouble finding the saved files from the previous year, either because they formatted the computer or because they no longer remember where they saved it. This is very common and many people need to restart a new declaration from scratch every year.

Therefore, the great tip to be followed is to choose a place in the cloud to concentrate your documents for Income Tax. This makes it even easier for you to separate all the vouchers and information you will need when filling out the declaration, without having to look for where you put everything.

If you haven’t already, open an account on a service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or even iCloud, and create a folder called “Income tax”Or“ IRPF ”. In it, create other folders for each year (2017, 2018, etc.) and in each one keep all documents related to that year.

For example, if you still saved last year’s .REC and .DEC files on your computer, throw them in the cloud. They will be useful later.

By doing this, you will always have a place reserved for your documents, even if you change your iPhone or computer, and that can be accessed from anywhere, whenever you need it. Even next year, when you have to declare again.

Installing the application

The iPhone and iPad application is available for free on the App Store, with the name My Income Tax. The first thing you need to do is install it, using the link below if you find it easier.

My Income Tax My Income Tax

There you will find some sections, such as frequently asked questions, guidelines and subsequent follow-up to your statement. In this article we will highlight the IRPF filling function.

Importing information from last year

The application allows you to import the information from the previous year, so that the citizen does not have to redo everything again. To do this, you will need to transfer the necessary files to your iPhone (or iPad).

The ones you will need have the .DEC and .REC extensions, generated in last year’s declaration. If you did it on your computer, they were saved in the ProgramsRFB directory.

To transfer these files to your iOS device, you can either send them to yourself via email, or access them via any cloud service that you have previously saved.

By email

→ By email

As stated above, you can send the files to yourself, via email. Then just open the message on the iPhone or iPad, touch the attached files (one at a time) and ask to open them in the recipe app, which must already be installed on the device.

Do this with both .REC and .DEC. They will thus be available inside the app to be redeemed.

Through the cloud

→ Through the cloud

If you are the most organized type and already have these files stored in the cloud, everything is easier. Just access them with the native application Files or with the service’s specific app (Dropbox, Google Drive) and ask to open in the Recipe app.

In Dropbox, for example, you need to touch the three dots (1), select the Export option (2) and then ask for “Open in …” (3), choosing the Recipe application (4).

WARNING: There seems to be a bug in the 2019 version of the application, which is not importing files from previous years to the right place. While an update does not correct this problem, you can resolve it using the native application Files. See in this video how to manually place files in the correct folder.

Separate all documents first

The best thing to do is to separate all the documents you will need in advance. Reports of income, payments, leave everything separate, because when filling out the declaration this makes it much easier. In your internet bank accounts there is a link for you to download the necessary documents. Also look for your accountant (if you have one) or other companies where you received payments to provide you with all the documents required for the statement.

Starting the declaration

Open the application on the iPhone (or iPad) and tap My Income Tax.

Enter your CPF, date of birth and then create a password (password) that only you know and know that you will not forget in the future. It must contain uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers.

You will then see a summary of deliveries from previous years, with an option to enter this year’s information. If you have already imported the .REC and .DEC files, their icons will appear in last year’s declaration.

The first thing you will do is tap on this year’s declaration option to expand the menu. In it you will choose the option “Import previous year’s declaration“. Remember that it will only work if you have already imported the files before, as we showed earlier here.

Once the files are imported, you can start your declaration.

Filling in the declaration

The great advantage of being able to fill out your declaration by cell phone is that you can advance it even if you are traveling, in transit from one place to another or in the waiting room for an appointment. Usually what most makes us postpone the declaration is to remember the bureaucracy of having to install the application on the computer, check if the Java version is up to date, look for documents … Anyway, a martyrdom.

With the convenience of the cell phone, you can already advance several items, so when you definitely sit down to do this, everything is almost ready. It is also useful for those who have definitely abandoned the computer and now only use iPad, as it is possible to make the complete statement on it.

Yes, the interface is well spartan, but it is because the application is made by computer technicians, not design experts. The recipe could well pay professionals to give a more modern look to the application, but this does not seem to be their priority. The app is not even adapted to the iPhone X screen. But we can’t even complain, as they have already made a big step forward in the iPhone app compared to last year.

The attention symbol in the upper right corner is the backlog you need to fill in, considering the information from the past year. Easy for the user.

To delete any extra income or payment that no longer exists this year, just drag the item to the side, until the trash symbol appears.

To add an item that did not exist in the previous year, just touch the arrow in the lower right corner to open an add option.

Fill in everything you need, with the help of the documents you separated earlier. Exit the application as many times as you want, as the data entered is automatically saved. Even if you turn off your phone or run out of battery, you can reopen everything later, using the password you created at the beginning (so it is very important not to forget it).

To recover the draft made on the iPhone, just choose the option “Recover Online“, In the side menu of the computer program. You will have to remember the password you created in the application.

Sending the declaration

When everything is properly filled out and checked, it is time to send the declaration. In the side menu of the application you will see the option “Deliver“.

Then just accept the terms and ask to send. Obviously you need to be connected to the internet for communication to take place between your device and the IRS database.

From this moment, some new options appear on the initial menu of your declaration, such as printing the declaration, receipt and also downloading the DEC and REC files that will be useful next year. Keep these files in the same cloud where you separate the documents, so you will always have them when you need them. The export is done directly on the iPhone (or iPad) to the cloud application of your choice.

The graphic presentation and the user interface leave a lot to be desired at various times. However, it is undeniable that the application is a hand in the wheel for those who want to start their statement without wasting time. Nowadays we take our cell phones everywhere and therefore accessing it is very practical and it will certainly make you no longer postpone your obligations with the IRS.

The same application is also for you to follow the progress of your statement, which is also very practical.

Therefore, its use is recommended. We only hope that the IRS will invest a little more in graphic professionals next year, so that the application interface becomes more modern, beautiful and intuitive.