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How to clear your YouTube history

Find out how you can manage and clean your YouTube history

How is your history YouTube? Like so many other Internet media services, the YouTube remember all the videos you watch (as long as you are logged in to your Google account when accessing the service, of course). The platform uses this history from each user to generate recommendations, and even encourage you to review old videos.

However, if you do not like to keep this information, in this article we will teach you how to clear your viewing history and even how to stop collecting this type of information on YouTube.

Removing items from your YouTube view and search history

Before we show you how to clear your YouTube, it?s worth remembering that the YouTube for Android has a Incognito mode that you can temporarily activate to prevent your history from being stored. You can even do the YouTube completely stop collecting your viewing history by following the instructions below.

However, if you have already seen a video, Incognito Mode will not help you and you will need to remove the video from your history manually if you do not want to see it again. To do this, simply access the YouTube through your browser and click on the upper left corner of the homepage. Select Histrico.

Accessing Youtube history through the browserOn the main screen, click on the left side menu and go to ?History?

To remove an item from your viewing history, click on the X which appears just to the right of the video. You need to move the mouse over the video, otherwise the X will not appear.

Removing a video from YouTube historyTo remove a video from the history, click on the "X" next to it

You can also select Poll History to see a complete list of the video searches you've done on YouTube. To delete this list, simply click on the X right of the search to delete it.

Other YouTube data cleaning optionsYou can do even more thorough cleaning in your history

You can also delete videos from your search history on the YouTube app to iPhone, Android or iPad. To do this, open the app and select Library in the bar at the bottom of the application, and choose the option Histrico.

Accessing YouTube history in the app In the YouTube app, go to ?Library? in the bottom menu

After that, select the video menu button (the three dots vertically) and then choose the option Remove from display history.

Removing a video from the YouTube history in the app Select the option ?Remove from viewing history? to delete a specific video

Unfortunately the mobile versions of YouTube they do not have a feature to view their entire search history. If you want to manage this part you will have to use the web version of the platform.

Clearing all of your YouTube search history

Instead of deleting the videos watching one by one, you can simply delete your entire viewing history from the servers of the Google. However, be warned: this will cause the recommendation videos of the YouTube get worse, since the platform has no way of analyzing your information and defining your content preferences.

To do this on the website of YouTube, click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the home page, then select the option Histrico. right from the list of your watched videos, select the command Clear the entire poll history ?.

Clearing all browser search historyYou can clear all your search history on YouTube

A dialog box should appear asking you to confirm the action. Just click Clear view history to confirm your choice.

To clear all your history on the mobile app YouTube just access Library and then Histrico. After that, select the menu button at the top of the page (the three vertical dots) and then choose History Controls.

Accessing history control In the upper right menu you will find ?History Controls?

Scroll down and select Clear display history. If you prefer, you can also select Clear search history to clear all of your search history on YouTube.

YouTube data wipe screen Here you can clear all your YouTube data

Use YouTube's anonymous browsing mode

If you?re watching embarrassing videos that you don?t want YouTube to remember later, try using the Anonymous browsing mode from YouTube.

For now, YouTube?s new anonymous browsing mode is only available on the app Android. In the future, we hope that the Google add this feature to the application to iPhone, website and YouTube apps for other platforms.

Accessing anonymous browsing You can use the YouTube app without storing records using anonymous browsing

To activate anonymous browsing mode, touch your profile photo in the top right corner of the app YouTube for Android and tap ?Enable anonymous browsing mode? on the displayed menu screen. After activating the Anonymous Browsing Mode, the searches you do and the videos you watch in the current session will not be saved.

Pausing the YouTube History Collection

You cannot activate the Incognito mode of the YouTube on most platforms, but there is an alternative: pause your display history for the YouTube before watching something you don't want in your story.

This setting is valid for the entire account, causing YouTube to stop remembering the videos you watched on all your devices iPhone, Android, iPad, website, smart TV as long as you are connected to YouTube with your account on this device.

You can also select ?Search history? here and click ?Pause search history? to prevent YouTube from remembering the searches you do.

Screen to pause the collection of YouTube historyIn your history settings you can pause data collection on YouTube

To do this through the YouTube for iPhone, Android or iPad, v to Library -> History. On the Histrico page, open the menu and tap the button "History controls".

Scroll down to the Historic and Privacy section and enable the option ?Pause exhibition history?. You can also activate the option ?Pause search history? here to prevent YouTube from collecting your search history.

Stopping data collection by the YouTube app The YouTube app also allows you to pause data collection

When you want the YouTube remember your exhibition history again, come back here and click ?Enable viewing history? (on the website) or disable the option ?Pause exhibition history? (in the app). You can leave the viewing history disabled for as long as you like, even forever.

However, remember that even if you have paused your show history YouTube, your browser continues to store the web pages of YouTube that you see in your browsing history. This does not apply if you are watching videos in an application, but in a browser, your browser will remember the web pages of the YouTube like any other page you've visited.

Source: YouTube support page