How to place a virtual Home button on iPhone X

How to Clean the iPhone X RAM

Imagine the RAM iPhone like yours mind. When it is empty, you feel more agile and willing to do any task. However, when your mind is full of thoughts and concerns, your performance often drops and you find it more difficult to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Same thing happens on smartphones and computers. If you have several open applications occupying the RAM memory, overall system performance drops and you begin to experience slowness and small crashes. So cleaning up RAM can be a trick to improve iPhone and iPad performance.

Here on the Blog we have already taught you a trick to clean iOS RAM. However, this trick needs the front button to work, something that the iPhone X doesn’t have. So how to do it?

We’ll teach you a way to clear the iPhone X’s RAM, even without a physical button.

What is RAM?

THE RAM memory (not to be confused with Flash memory, which is the internal storage space) is used by the system to run applications. The more RAM your device has free, the better the performance of the system in general, as it will be able to run a greater number of apps at the same time. When the RAM is full, it is possible to notice small crashes during the use and difficulty of the applications to run.

By clearing RAM you are actually closing all processes that are consuming resources in the background. For example, if you are viewing a web page in Safari and open a message notification, you go to the iMessage application. When you return to Safari, you will find the page there, at the point where you stopped, because it was in memory for you to access it more quickly. If before you go back to Safari you clear the RAM, the page you were viewing will have to be reloaded, as it is no longer saved by the system.

But is it really necessary to clean the RAM of the iPhone X? Well, it is a recent device with a good amount of native RAM (3 GB). So it is very likely that you will rarely need to worry about it, at least for now. 2 or 3 years from now, when iOS is more stout and needs more resources, perhaps today’s models need this type of trick more often, mainly because iOS devices last for several years.

Even so, if you happen to use an app that consumes a lot of RAM and want to make sure that no remnants of it remain in memory after closing it, there is the trick to completely empty the “mind”Of your iPhone X, without having to turn the device off and on again.

Step 1: Activate AssistiveTouch

We have already taught you here how to activate a virtual Home button on iPhone X, which replaces the front button of old models. It will allow us to empty the device’s RAM memory.

Open System Settings and go to General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch and activate the function.

You will then see a little white button in the corner of the screen. It gives access to the function menu, including the Home button.

Step 2: Activate the AssistiveTouch shortcut

If you are one of those who do not like to have a little white button constantly disturbing the screen (I am one of these), the ideal is to activate a shortcut so you can easily show and hide the AssistiveTouch whenever you want.

Still in the System Settings and go to General> Accessibility and at the bottom of the screen you will see the option Accessibility Shortcut. Make sure that the AssistiveTouch option is selected.

From there, you can quickly activate the AssistiveTouch button by pressing the side button on the iPhone X 3 times, until the options menu appears.

Step 3: Turn off iPhone through Settings

In the original trick, the RAM is emptied when trying to turn off the iPhone and press the front button for 5 seconds. The problem of missing the button we already solved in step 1, using a virtual one. However, if you try to turn off the iPhone by pressing the side buttons on the iPhone X, the trick will not work, because in doing so you are blocking the device and disallowing Face ID, which prevents you from using the virtual button.

The solution for this is to turn off the device through the System Settings. Go in General and at the bottom of the screen you will find the option to Disconnect the iPhone via software.

Step 4: Use the Virtual Home button

Now that you have finally reached the shutdown screen, with the virtual button enabled, open the AssistiveTouch menu and tap the button Start virtual for 2 seconds. You will quickly notice that the screen blinks, meaning that the RAM has been cleared.

The virtual button trick obviously applies to any iPhone and iPad model with iOS 11 installed, which can be quite useful in cases where the physical Home button is damaged.

It’s always good to repeat: iOS is optimized to automatically clear parts of RAM when it’s full, and this trick isn’t always necessary. In short, it is not a concern you should have on a daily basis. However, good information never hurts and now you know how to empty the iPhone X’s RAM if you need it someday. ?

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