How to choose the right keyboard for you

There is no doubt that the keyboard is one of the most important items for you to use your computer. When it comes to choosing such a peripheral, the first impression is that everyone is the same, but that is not true and sometimes an adopted feature or technology can make all the difference.

To know how to go about choosing your keyboard, the Digital Look prepared this article that explains what are the main keyboard types and what technologies they use. Check out!

Connection: Wired or Wireless

One of the first points to consider when buying the keyboard is the connection type of it. Wireless keyboards, for the most part, have a small USB receiver to connect to, but often have the disadvantage of battery operation, which may come as a surprise at some point.

However, of course, the great advantage of having such a keyboard is the fact that you don't have to be near the computer screen or the PC, gaining a little freedom. On the other hand, this type of keyboard is not recommended for games, since their commands may have a certain type of delay, which is not always noticeable when writing text, for example. This is partly because they are subject to interference from other wireless devices.

Because wired keyboards are in a direct connection, they are subject to less interference and most of the time have a better response time.

Keyboard Types

In addition to selecting the right connection for your keyboard, in the market there are several models available, which have some differences and are intended for a particular type of person. The main models can be separated into:

  • Common or office keyboard: Just as its name suggests, this type of keyboard is more focused on productivity and brings no extra keys or shortcuts to certain commands;
  • Multimedia keyboard: Also used in some offices, this type of keyboard is intended for those looking for shortcuts when playing music or video on the computer. With it, for example, you can change music without having to open the program interface where it is being played;
  • Gamer Keyboard: This type of keyboard is intended for computer gamers and usually comes with a few extras such as the ability to use macros in games, RGB backlight (to change the color of the lighting) and anti-ghosting technology, which gives you allows you to press more than 4 keys at a time, having all commands recorded.

Membrane and mechanical keyboards

In addition to keyboard types, when choosing a gamer keyboard, for example, you need to know what technology is implemented in it. These are just three of their main types of technology. Look:

  • Membrane Keypad: The most common model of keyboards comes with a plastic layer beneath the keys to drive the contacts. Despite being the cheapest model, some keyboards may not recognize certain keystrokes being pressed simultaneously;
  • Mechanical Switch Keyboard – Unlike the membrane keyboard, each key has a switch, which acts as an individual key. This way, one can press any key combination without worrying. In addition to this, the mechanical keyboard offers a shorter response time and its clearer touch response;
  • Optical Switch Keyboard – This type of switch is very similar to the mechanical switch, and its main difference is the part that activates the command, which is capable of sending a cleaner signal.


When opting for a mechanical or optical switch keyboard, be sure to do research on the component used, as they are often noisier.

Layout and template differences

Another very important point when buying the keyboard is to check what is its layout. Although we are in Brazil, because of importers and even because of manufacturers, some keyboards do not get here in the standard ABNT, which, for example, comes without the key "".

Play "width =" 860 "height =" 564

Finally, apart from the difference seen in the keys, there is also a change in the design of some keyboards. Thus, for example, people who want to avoid health problems such as tendonitis may prefer to use an ergonomic keyboard, which tends to have a dedicated arm rest space.

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