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How to choose the best smartphone [Black Friday]

Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November, the 29th, date for consumers to seize the moment to purchase that desired product. Who wants to change the smartphone is usually luckier, since many promotions end up reaching the mobile device sector.

Anyway, buying a mobile phone is no use just because it is so cheap: first I need to know if it will meet all your needs and not give you problems. But it's also good to know how to look for the right product you want. So, let's highlight some tips and help you when looking for the smartphone you want in Black Friday promotion. Remembering that the tips also serve for research during Cyber ​​Monday, which takes place the following Monday of Black Friday, December 2.

Do not look for the newest model

samsung galaxy s10 +

Want to buy brand new products? Be aware that the big deals probably won't hit these devices during Black Friday. Certainly, they should have some considerable discounts, but nothing to "drive the boss crazy". So try looking for smartphones from a previous generation – nothing too old, but something that has been released for some time and has great technical specifications. In addition to the lower prices that these devices already have in relation to the launches, there will still be the promotion of Black Friday.

Android or iOS?

There is no doubt that stores should make promos for Android and iOS devices, but there is a big difference. Most smartphones on the market have the Google operating system, while iOS is only available on Apple devices. That is, in percentage, there are more Android devices, and that also means more promos will be applied to smartphones with the system.

That is, you can even look for iPhone deals, just that they won't be too far apart, since the phones are the same. In the meantime, there are a vast array of Android devices with many different specifications that will be on sale during Black Friday.

What needs should your smartphone meet?

Do you want the most powerful mobile phone on the market? And still on sale? Probably yes. But have you ever wondered which setting best suits your needs?

The reality is that it is no use buying a device with such power and not using it to its potential, so for that you need to understand what you want to use on a smartphone. For example, if your main need is to take pictures, you might really consider buying a sturdier, multi-sensor handset, such as the Moto G8's not-so-expensive handset and a triple rear camera. But if your idea is just to use social networks, watch videos and exchange messages, you might consider purchasing a model of the last generation smartphone, like the Motorola G7.

Search extensively

sexta-feira Negra

After choosing a device that has the basics of what you expect (battery, camera, etc.), it's time to evaluate if it's really a good idea to buy it. By searching the device name on Google, you will find a lot of information. So keep an eye on the content that specializes in technology.

Thus, it will be possible to discover in practice how the device reacts to actual use and truly understand if that device you have chosen is the best for what you intend to use. Even here at PCWorld Brasil We have reviewed several smartphones – just look in our reviews section.

Understand your competition

Recently, Taboola conducted a survey and found that the product most sought after by Brazilian consumers during Black Friday the smartphone. Another survey by Complain Here reveals that 64.6% of consumers are already studying the values ​​of products in stores to compare offers on the day of the event.

That is, many people are already thinking of seeking the same smartphone as you, so know that many promotions will last for a short time. This is precisely why you can follow the other tips mentioned above and try to decide which smartphone you want to buy. So you won't waste time when that unmissable promotion comes up.