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How to choose the best laptop [Black Friday]

Black Friday is coming and we know that most of the deals are related to the electronics industry such as smartphones, notebooks and TVs. The day offers several interesting promotions, but you should also know how to pan for the right product.

Many notebooks go on sale, but not all offer interesting specs to consumers. Even a large portion of users do not know what should be prioritized when searching for notebooks. Therefore, the PCWorld Brasil brought together some things that may help in your decision to buy a notebook during Black Friday 2019.

Size matters

When it comes to notebook, size matters. So if you want a notebook to take with you for business trips or personal outings, the best option is to look for portable models and those that fit in small bags.

There are several options on the market, and you can find laptops with an 11 inch screen or some over 17 inches. But most devices on the market range between 13 and 15.6 inches. However, keep in mind that smaller, small-screen devices typically do not have powerful technical specifications. However, there are smaller, more powerful gadgets, but they are usually much more expensive, like some MacBook Air models.

Keyboard and screen quality

We have made some indications for you that you want to buy a new notebook during the promo period, but you should also consider the reason for buying such a device and what its purpose is.

The screen is an element that you are likely to use for many hours in the day. That is, the display must be comfortable to the eye and in Full HD. Also choose a matte option, as the brilliance ends up creating reflections and disrupting the view, and that also means that in this respect, touch panels may not be as attractive as that.

Some newer models even offer 4K options, but not good for users who don't need this technology. In the end, the cost just be higher. E pFor people who type for a long time, it is necessary to look for a notebook with a quality keyboard. Search for full-size accessories, without shortening, and if possible with good key-key spacing.

Technical Specifications

The most important of a notebook or any computer is the technical specifications. Before buying a device, it is necessary to define what is the purpose for that machine. For example, do you want to work on it? Play all the most powerful games? Edit videos? Or make simple documents in Excel and Word? Knowing the answer, you can look for a notebook that meets all your goals.

For those who don't want to do a lot of PC work, it's a good idea to look for options with the Intel Core i3 processor. At the moment, this chipset is best suited for consumers who want a little more performance, being one of the most used processors in most PCs and notebooks.

The i7 is the option for those who want to use the machine for heavier actions such as editing videos, playing games, producing music, among other options. Despite its good performance, it is good to make it clear that the i7 heats up considerably. There is also the i9 processor used in the most powerful notebooks on the market, but at a much higher cost. If you really have no reason to use i9, it's not worth spending so much money.


For your notebook not to crash often, we indicate a minimum RAM of 8 GB, but 16 GB can offer even more power. Like the i9, 32GB RAM for those users who really want to use all these gigabytes, whether working or playing with the best graphics.

Currently, it is important to have an SSD, so the operating system can be installed in memory and offer users speed. As an expensive accessory, SSD is often used in partnership with a regular hard drive. Among the most popular options, consumers can opt for 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. So remember: the best way out is to use an SSD in partnership with a hard drive.

Battery quality

Laptop batteries are known to stop working at some point, especially due to the constant use of these devices. However, other factors impact battery performance, such as open applications, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, among other features. Just like smartphones, batteries work in milliamperhours (mAh), so the higher the number of mAh, the greater the power of your battery.

USB 3.0 and biometric reader


USB 3.0 is already very popular with manufacturers, but there are still devices that do not offer the option. Pay attention to this detail and try searching for notebooks that offer USB 3.0 ports, as they are capable of transferring files in much less time.

The biometric reader may be a great option for new devices, as users can use the fingerprint to unlock Windows 10 devices, for example. So one more way to increase security in this increasingly insecure digital world.