How to choose the best headset for your Android

Before you buy

Before buying a headset, keep an eye on some features to make sure you make the right choice.

Connection Type

The most common way to connect a headset to your smartphone using the traditional 3.5mm P2 plug.

The problem is that not all new smartphones have this connector.

Therefore, make sure your device has this entry before purchase.

AndroidPIT eric iphone 7 0274
Many smartphones no longer have the P2 connector, pay attention! / AndroidPIT

Smartphones that do not have the P2 input usually have only one Type C USB port.

You can plug in wired headsets that also use this connector, or then use a Type C to P2 USB adapter to continue using your wired headphones.


The drawback is that as the Type C USB connector is also used to recharge the battery, you will not be able to use the headphones while charging.

The third option is a Bluetooth connection, also quite popular.

Here it is worth keeping an eye on the version of the Bluetooth standard used.

A Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE) connection, for example, will consume less smartphone power than a Bluetooth 3.0 connection.

And Bluetooth 4.0 is more stable than 3.0 in the connection between several devices.

AndroidPIT Beats Studio3 7392
In addition to having no wires, some Bluetooth headsets have features like noise canceling / AndroidPIT

Battery life

This is true for Bluetooth headsets: keep an eye on battery life.

After all, nothing worse than putting the headphones to relieve boredom in a 4 hour flight and run out of battery after just two.

Autonomy is often expressed on the packaging in hours, and may be different for playing music or calling.

The more the merrier.

It's good that the phone has some kind of battery indicator, whether it be a message when turned on, LEDs or an app on the phone.

One trick: Many Bluetooth headsets also have a P2 input.

This allows them to be used as traditional headsets when the battery runs out by using a P2-P2 cable.

But in this mode equalizers, noise reduction and other advanced functions of the headphones will not work, because the connection does not transmit enough power.

Extra Features

Some Bluetooth headsets can be paired to two or more devices at the same time.

This is very useful as it allows you to use the same handset on a PC and a smartphone without having to go off and on each time you change handsets.

Several models say they have "noise cancellation".

But check the technology: "mechanical" cancellation just means a good "fit" between the earphone and ear to try to block out external sounds.

how to push earbuds (see below) deeper into the ear to drown out the noise.

Don't overpay for that.

The real cancellation of electronic noise.

The headset uses microphones to analyze external noise, and generates an inverse sound wave that plays through the speakers along with the music.

When the waves of noise and "anti-noise" meet they cancel each other out and you only hear your favorite music, not the airplane turbine.

This type of cancellation requires a microprocessor, so headphones with this feature are more expensive.

androidpit poweramp
Apps like PowerAMP can replace in-ear equalizer / Max MP

Equalizers and Profiles

Some headsets may have built-in equalizers and sound profiles to reproduce the best sound quality according to the music / sounds being played.

Obviously, they are more expensive because of this.

But if you intend to use the headphones with a smartphone, you can achieve the same effect by using the equalizer already installed on your device (if it has one), or by using a media player with integrated equalizer such as PowerAmp.

And the price of the app (about $ 4.00) is certainly lower than the difference between a headset with and without equalizer.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Install on Google Play

The main types of headphones

In-Ear Earphone (In-Ear, In-Ear)

The in-ear shape divides opinions mainly by the added pressure to the ear and the large volume of sound that is carried to the ear canal.

In any case, this format is most recommended for well-defined bass reproduction and noise reduction.

These headphones often come with different sized rubbers to fit the size of the ear canal.

AndroidPIT jaybird bluetooth headphones 5801
Earphone intra / AndroidPIT

Bluetooth headset (wireless, wireless)

Bluetooth headsets are practical and have great usability.

The sound quality is the same as found in conventional (wired) headphones, but with the advantage of the Bluetooth connection and the absence of cable, putting an end to the loops and knots.

With this technology, the most common headphones are in-ear and supra-ear format.

Remember that although the quality is generally good, playback between the connected handset and the headset may have some delay (latency), which will depend on the type of Bluetooth (3, 4 or 5) as well as the quality and stability of the headset.


That is, they may not be the best option for games.

AndroidPIT libratone track plus headphone bluetooth headset 9864
Bluetooth headset / AndroidPIT

Earbud (earbud, ear bud)

Headphones are the traditional-shaped headphones that come with most phones.

The weaker sound quality, however this format is a favorite among users for being anatomical and versatile.

Businesses often ship this type of handset in simpler models, with cable-attached microphone for calling, as we see in the image below.

mmmoto g5 g5 plus apit accessories
Earbuds / AndroidPIT

Headset Earphone (on-ear, supra-aura, over the ear)

The in-ear headphones, on the other hand, are well in demand by people who value the bass and higher sound quality.

Its main feature will have a bow that holds the phone to the head.

It is their main design milestone, and they are widely used by DJs.

You can find the shape known as the shell, which goes over the head, the armored shape, which goes behind the head and also options with a built-in microphone and headset shape, for calls and online games.

AndroidPIT Bose QuietComfort 35 review 3229
Phone shell / AndroidPIT

Smart earphones

AirPods and Gear Icon X

Apple AirPods and Samsung Gear Icon X are examples of smart phones that carry out voice commands on the phone.

The format of these is the headset and the Bluetooth connection.

Both feature microphones and voice feedback for virtual assistants, who talk about weather forecasting and others.

samsung gear iconx 2018 colors
Icon X / AndroidPIT

Another model that came to Brazil recently is the Galaxy Buds, also from Samsung.

They are an evolution of Icon X, with Qi wireless recharge, but they are quite expensive: about $ 900.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy buds
Galaxy Buds: Wireless Charging with Qi Technology / AndroidPIT

Finally, those who prefer to import can find a much more affordable option: the RedDi and Xiaomi AirDots.

Technically they are identical, changing only the finish.

And the well-priced price tag: about $ 20 for Redmi's model, and $ 40 for Xiaomi's for online retailers.

Redmi AirDots 1280
Redmi AirDots / Xiaomi

What is your favorite model of headphones? Share your opinion in the comments.

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