Battery widget on iPhone

How to check the battery level of Bluetooth gadgets on iPhone / Mac

Nowadays there are a variety of devices and accessories Bluetooth that connect to our gadgets; be it wireless headphones, keyboards, mice or other products, the fact is that they are equipped with a battery, so they need to be eventually recharged.

In that sense, there is nothing worse than starting to use a device and seeing that it is empty. To avoid the fatigue of having to interrupt what you were doing to recharge it, it is best to prevent yourself – which, in this case, means checking the battery level each time you use a device.

Whether on iPhone or Mac, check out the tutorial below that is very easy check the remaining charge Bluetooth accessory paired to your device / machine.

On iPhone

If you have an Apple Watch, wireless headset or hearing aid connected to your iPhone (as well as your iPad or iPod touch, of course), know that you can easily check the battery level of that device from a widget native to iOS (check previously if your device is up to date).

Battery widget on iPhone

To configure the widget battery, just slide your finger to the right on the Home screen until you reach the widgets. Once in it, swipe down until you see the “Edit” button and touch it.

Then select the widget “Battery” in the list of options by tapping the plus (+) button. Once this is done, you can change the position of the widget by pressing and holding the three bars icon (dragging it up or down).

Customize widgets on iPhone

Ready! Now you can easily check the battery level of your Bluetooth devices on your iPhone / iPad.

On Mac

Similar to iOS, macOS allows the user to add a widget for quick viewing of apps and information from Calendar, Stock Exchange, Reminders, etc. However, unlike him, the Mac system does not have a widget dedicated to checking the battery level of gadgets and paired Bluetooth accessories (hello, Apple?).

Therefore, we must use other methods to check this information – equally simple and practical, it is worth noting. The first one is from the macOS menu bar itself.

Menu bar

To check the Bluetooth devices connected to the Mac, it is necessary to activate a computer configuration that displays this option in the menu bar. To activate it, click on the Apple symbol in the upper left corner of the screen and go to System Preferences »Bluetooth and check the “Show Bluetooth in the menu bar” box.

Mac Bluetooth settings

The Bluetooth icon will appear at the top of the screen, in the menu street; from there, you will be able to see Bluetooth devices paired to the Mac (those in bold are currently connected).

Mac menu bar

Hovering the cursor over a given name gadget/ accessory it is possible to check the remaining battery level of it, however, in some cases the Mac is unable to determine the battery of this device, as in third party speakers.

In case of mice/ keyboards, you can check this information directly from System Preferences. So, just open the settings for both accessories and check, at the bottom of the window, the remaining battery level.

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