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How to change the broken screen of Moto G [Vdeo]

If you do not want to pay the service costs for repairing your Moto G broken screen, check out Video tutorial showing how to repair using your own hands. But remember, when doing this kind of procedure, as a consequence you may lose the warranty of the device.

exchange screen moto g
To change the screen of your Moto G you need to open the entire device and a lot of courage! / AndroidPIT

One month ago, in an attempt to test the durability of the Moto G and Moto E screens, I performed a drop test. As a result, the two screens that carry the signature of the Corning Gorilla Glass have been damaged. If you have not seen the drop test from Moto G, watch the video here.


After gathering the necessary Moto G screen replacement material (list below), you will need to open the device, unplug the screen from the hardware, remove the damaged display and remove any pieces of glass that have stuck to the edges of the frame. screen. Then remove all glue left on the frame with the help of a hair dryer.

With the frame clean, wrap it with double-sided adhesive tape above. Pay attention to this, as it will be necessary to fill the entire area of ​​the frame to prevent the screen from becoming loose at the end of the process. Then reassemble the appliance.

Following is a video showing details of this process. Good luck!

Watch the video on YouTube.

What you will need

Now, instead of redeeming myself from the crash test and fixing the Moto G display, it will take some tools as well as a new screen to replace the broken one. Below is a list of what you need to change the Moto G screen, as well as an indication of where you can find the items:

  • Tools for trading 1 here;
  • Tools for trading 2 here;
  • Duct tape here;
  • Option 1 Screen here;
  • Option 2 Screen here;
  • Option 3 Full screen here;
  • Hair dryer.

And a, do you think it is worth the user himself to change the damaged screen of the phone? Have you tried?

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