Como comprar os produtos brasileiros no AliExpress Brasil?

How to buy Brazilian products on AliExpress Brazil?

Now, during quarantine, you are almost certainly looking to (need to) save on purchases. One of the best ways to do this is to learn how to buy Brazilian products on AliExpress, the largest international shopping site.

Read our guide here, find out what the site is and see our tutorial on how to buy from it!

1. What is AliExpress Brazil?

The first part of this article is a more superficial explanation of what AliExpress is, important for anyone who wants to know how to buy Brazilian products through it. We will include a history and how it works.

AliExpress is an online service dedicated to retail, with its headquarters in China and belonging to the Alibaba sales group. It was launched in 2010, and is composed of a large number of small Chinese businesses and several other nationalities, including ours, offering products to international buyers in an accessible way.

In Russia it takes the first place among the e-commerce sites, being the most used and in Brazil it occupies easily the top 20 of the most used sites. It works to make it simple for small businesses to sell to consumers anywhere in the world, having already been compared to eBay because sellers are independent in both.

It started as a portal for sales between merchants, exclusively, but since then it has increased what it holds and now sales of trades to consumers and consumers to consumers are possible, in addition to offering cloud computing and payment services.

AliExpress is available in many languages, including Portugus, which makes it easy to buy Brazilian products on the website. particularly used by virtual stores that operate with dropshipping, a type of sale in which the seller does not have stock, but orders the supplier to deliver the product directly to you.

Something that may seem somewhat strange is the fact that Chinese consumers cannot buy through the website, allowing only international consumers.

2. How to buy Brazilian products on AliExpress?

Is there a decision to make your purchases of cheap toiletries or office supplies on AliExpress? If so, read on to find out how to do this while saving a lot compared to buying in stores in our country!

  • To begin, it is necessary that you follow the official website of the platform to reach the home screen;

home page buy Brazilian products on AliExpress

  • Now, you must search for what you want to buy by typing in the search box. With that, the site will return all existing ads;
  • To filter to see only Brazilian products on AliExpress, just click the buttonShipping location and then select Brazil;

Shipping location

  • There are also several other filters in order to find what you want to buy much more easily. On the left side of the screen, you will find theRelated Categories through which you can select the ones that best fit. You can also select to see only products with free shipping, free returns and some other very comprehensive filters.

Something that is really fundamental for those who want to make their purchases of products online, whether they are Brazilian or not, on AliExpress, in one of their best alternatives or even on sites like Mercado Livre to know how reliable the seller is responsible for their product.

In AliExpress, the process for evaluating this can be done by following the following tricks:

  • You will find on the search page itself a filter that serves to limit the results only for sellers that have four stars or more. Of course, this does not serve as a definitive answer, since salespeople with few reviews can have an inflated score;

four stars or more buy Brazilian products on AliExpress

  • The safest way, when opening an ad, is to scroll down a little bit to see more information about the store on the left side of the screen, next to the description. A will find the percentage of store reviews and if it has a medal, indicative of the best stores.

Evaluate buying Brazilian products on AliExpress

Finally, if you managed to find the product you were looking for and want to buy it, just follow the steps below to buy Brazilian products from AliExpress!

1. On the advertisement screen you will be able to choose the shipping location, where it originates from, your item. Remember that whenever you select Brazil, delivery will be faster;

2. Choose all the relevant information: color, size, quantity, etc. and then click on the button"Buy now" to buy just that product or in"Add to cart" to be able to buy different items;

3. Finally, just login to the website, add the necessary delivery information (full name and address, for example), add the desired payment method, include coupons if you have them and click"Place the order" to finish.

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