How to buy apps at Amazon Appstore

Amazon launched its Appstore in Brazil a year ago. Since then, the catalog has been growing steadily, and the store always makes many paid app promotions. To answer any questions about the store, we've created a simple tutorial on how to make Android app purchases on the Amazon Appstore. For now the store only accepts payment via credit card, international or national.

amazon app store 2
Amazon's Android app store is not in the Play Store. / AndroidPIT

Like Amazon Appstore a competitor to the Google Play Store, Big G has banned the app from entering your store. Therefore, to install the Amazon store on your smartphone, you must release the installation of Unknown Sources and go to the official website to download app from Appstore.

Buying from Amazon Appstore

Step 1

After installing the app, you need to log in to the store. If you are already an Amazon user, just complete the data, otherwise you will need to create a store account. The very simple home screen, a rotating banner promoting some apps and different app categories.

amazon appstore installation tutorial
The Amazon Store app is intuitive and easy to use. / ANDROIDPIT

Step 2

After selecting the app, you can check all of its information on the app page. There you find the price, prints the running app, the product description, other products purchased by the app buyer, the review of other users, plus helpful reviews, permissions, product details, purchase details, and other developer apps; all very similar to the Play Store, but a bit more complete.

amazon appstore installation tutorial 2
App page with all relevant information! / ANDROIDPIT

Step 3

When you tap the price, the button changes color and text: Buy App. If this is your first purchase, the app will ask you to fill in some data: CPF, Address and Payment Method (Diners, Visa and Mastercard cards).

amazon appstore installation tutorial 3
Enter your social security number, address and card data. / ANDROIDPIT

Step 4

After completing the data, Amazon will ask you to confirm it. After confirmation, the application installation page will appear. Check the permissions and confirm the installation. There, the app is now yours.

amazon appstore installation tutorial 1
Confirm the data and install the app. / ANDROIDPIT

Step 5

In the "My Apps" section, you can check all apps already purchased: in Cloud you can see all apps already purchased or downloaded; under Device, the Appstore apps installed on the device; and in App Updates, any updates that are available for your apps.

amazon appstore installation tutorial 4
All apps installed via Amazon Appstore. / ANDROIDPIT

Remember, whenever you format your smartphone or buy a new one, just reinstall the apps you want. In addition, Amazon Appstore is always offering many promotions, with discounts for paid apps and one free app per day.

Who uses the Amazon Appstore? Do you like the store?

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