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How to browse the internet and search Google for the Linux terminal

Although the interaction with the terminal on Linux is no longer required to use the distributions for a long time, the terminal is the preferred tool of advanced users, especially professionals in the area and this interest has generated many interesting tools, today you will know one of them. .

We often think of "Google Chrome", "Firefox", "Opera", "Safari", and others, when we talk about "web browsers", but what these more complex software do can be simplistically done (of course). ) through the Linux terminal.

Interestingly there are several options for surfing the internet or searching Google using the terminal such as Lynx and Googler, the first a browser, the second a search tool, but I'll introduce you to links2It's a text-mode browser, which of those I know, which I find easier to use.

Searching the internet with links2

The first step is to install the tool. O link2 It is in the standard distro repositories, Ubuntu, Debian, derivatives and the like, you can easily install it using the command:

sudo apt install links2

Once installed, the simple operation, just tell links2, which site you want to access, such as Google. At the terminal type:


By doing so you will be able to access Google and be able to use the keyboard to navigate between all site options relatively simply and clearly by doing searches: Searching for the Linux Terminal

I can read the blog posts:

Reading in terminal mode

Links2 also has several menus to facilitate your access to browser features, by pressing the "ESC" key you will have access to the browser menu, from which you can go to a specific site, just enter the desired address:


It is a great tool for those who spend the day at the terminal or find themselves in a situation where only the terminal is available.

Take a quiz and play a little with him, I'm sure you will find it interesting! 🙂

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