How to blur the background of the photo on Android, iPhone and PC easily The feature to blur the background of the photo is now available natively on most modern smartphones. Portrait mode promises greater depth of field by blurring the back of the …

The blur background feature is now available natively on most modern smartphones. Portrait mode promises greater depth of field by blurring the back of the image, leaving the foreground in focus.

The effect, also known as bokeh, can only be applied when taking the photo. To use inserting it into a photograph that has already been taken, you need to resort to the help of applications or online editing tools.

AppGeek shows you how to smoothly blur the photo background in each of these options. Check out!

In the Camera app on iPhone and Android

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Portrait mode is available on the latest iPhone models and Android devices. The functionality is available in the camera app of these phones and allows you to blur the background in real time, when taking the photo.

All iPhone models, starting with iPhone 7 Plus, have the function. In selfie mode, it is only present on iPhone X or later. Using it is very simple. Just open the camera app and slide the options up to Portrait.

When everything is ready, the name of the lighting effect used will be yellow. So, just touch the round button to take the photo.

In Android, most models with two rear cameras bring the effect to the camera application natively. The LG V30 is one of the exceptions. Some devices with only one camera also offer the functionality, created through software and not through the lens kit.

The way to use it may vary slightly depending on the device and the manufacturer. But in general, just open the camera app and search for Portrait or Focus mode. The orientation is to place the object or person that will be in focus at a distance of up to 2.5m from the cell phone.

With the help of an application for Android and iPhone

If you don’t have a cell phone with Portrait mode or want to apply the bokeh effect to a photo you’ve already taken, you can use an editing app. For our tutorial, we will use the Snapseed app, available for Android and iOS.

Therefore, to follow the step by step, you need to download the app on your smartphone.

1. Open Snapseed and tap the circle + or in Open and tap on the photo you want to edit;

2. With the image already open in the app, tap Tool;

blur photo background with app

3. Scroll through the tools menu and, when Focus effect, tap on the option;

4. By default, the effect is opened in an oval / rounded shape. In the center is the object in focus and at the border the transition area for the blurred area;

  • It is possible to increase or decrease the radius of the circle by dragging two fingers over it in tweezers.
  • The center can be changed by touching the blue circle and dragging it to the area of ​​the image in which you want to focus.

5. If you want to change the blur pattern to straight edges, touch the icon of a circle with another inside, in the bottom menu. Just like the circular option, it is possible to move it around the image and position it where you prefer;

6. Regardless of the circular or straight pattern, the application allows you to customize the blur. On the icon in the center of the screen, you will have access to control the degree of blur, the size of the transition zone and the intensity of the vignette;

blur photo background with app

7. To edit, just tap on the desired option and then drag the bar at the top of the screen to the right or left;

8. After all adjustments are made, go to the check icon (✔), located in the lower right corner of the screen;

9. To save the result, tap Export. Then, decide if you want to save a copy on your device or share via an application.

Online (without downloading any app or program)

If you prefer to edit the image on your computer or don’t want to download a program on your phone, you can use online apps. Fotoram is one of the best options available, as it allows you to adjust the degree of blur.

1. Open the browser of your choice on your phone or PC and access the Fotoram website. Go in Upload Image and choose the photo you want to blur;

2. Now, select the option Focus;

blur online photo background

3. It is possible to adjust the radius of the zone kept in focus on the item Focus. Already in Amount, the user chooses the intensity of the blur;

4. When you have finished making adjustments, go to To save to save the image;

5. Choose the format (.JPG or .PNG), the quality and click on the down arrow icon to download.

On Instagram

Instagram allows you to blur the background of photos that will be posted in the feed. To do this, simply tap on the +, in the center of the screen, and touch the desired photo.

Insert the filter you want and then go to the tab Edition. Scroll to the bottom and tap Tilt shift. In Radial, the central zone is kept in focus and the edges are blurred. Use two fingers in tweezers to increase or decrease the radius of the area in focus.

Blur photo background on Instagram

If you choose Linear, the blurred area is straight. It is also possible to effect the screen and enlarge and reduce the portion of the blurred image.

When you have finished making adjustments, go to Conclude. Then, just finish publishing, as you would any other post on the social network.

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