How to block group renaming in WhatsApp

How to block group renaming in WhatsApp

Simple setup to be done on WhatsApp groups can help you avoid a ban on the messaging app. Learn how to do it!

WhatsApp is one of the favorite programs of Brazilians to contact their friends, including making groups to facilitate conversation with more than one person. In turn, a very common joke in these groups changing his name, which despite being fun, can get a name of a subject not so cool.

Recently, WhatsApp has been conducting some bans, mostly from people who participate in groups with some name on a prohibited subject. So if you want to prevent possible headaches, here's how to prevent others from changing your WhatsApp group name.


To perform the process described below you must be the administrator or one of the group administrators. The function is now available for WhatApp in its stable version of Android and iOS (iPhone system).

How to prevent someone from changing the WhatsApp group name

The process of protecting the name of your group is simple but individual. Thus, if you have more than one group, you need to do the process for each group. Look:

  1. Open WhatsApp normally and join the “Desired Group” conversation;


  2. Tap the icon represented by “three dots” and enter “Group Data”;

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  3. In the new screen, click on “Group Settings” and “Edit Group Data”;


  4. Select the "Admins Only" option and tap "Ok."

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Ready! From then on, only you and the other group administrators can change his name. So you can be reassured that you don't get any ban because the group got some offensive name or forbidden subject.

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