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How to block advertising on Android

Advertising is a nightmare. It always appears at the worst time and covers the information we want to read. Also, it often comes up suddenly where you will click to access another page. There is a way to eliminate this hassle. Here's a tutorial to block advertising on Android.

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Block advertising on Android. / ANDROIDPIT

All ads need to consume data to be shown. Be them banners, pop ups or windows, precious megabytes of your data rate are consumed. Therefore, blocking ads is also a way to save.

You can configure Chrome to avoid automatic pop-ups (which are often advertising) that pop up from some sites. Chrome also has an option to reduce data consumption. The two settings you find by clicking on the three point menu and then "Settings> Content Settings" and "Settings> Reduce Data Usage"respectively.

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Chrome has options to block pop-ups and reduce data usage. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2><strong>Adblock Plus for Android</strong></h2>
<p>If that is not enough, there is another option. This is the AdBlock Plus app. To do this, you must enable the <strong>Unknown Sources</strong> in <em>Settings> Security</em>, so your device can install the app. With this apk you can choose whether to block all advertising or just what you consider inappropriate, and you can choose between video, audio or images.</p>
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Thanks to AdBlock Plus, many ads will not be loaded. This will save data and make the mobile reading experience much more enjoyable because advertising will be replaced by white space.

This is certainly a very interesting app that, combined with Chrome's options, gets rid of advertising on Android.

Already knew these tips? What do you do to get rid of advertising on your mobile phone?

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