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How to block a stolen or lost iPhone?

Have you lost your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch or do you think it was stolen? You can follow some procedures to prevent the device from being used by others. The following tutorial can also help to recover it

The first point to note is to check if the 'Search for Device' feature is enabled on the device, making it easier to find.

Activate the Search appActivate the Search appSource: ((Source: own catch)

If the Find app is active, just use a computer's browser to access the website. If you use another Apple device, there is also the possibility to use the Find App on it.

Enter your Apple ID in the field providedEnter your Apple ID in the field providedSource: (Source: iCloud / Reproduo)

After logging in, click on "Search iPhone" and select the device you want to find. The App locates the device on a map. If you find that it is close, the user can play a sound that helps to find it.

The app will show the last known location of the deviceThe app will show the last known location of the deviceSource: (Source: iCloud / Reproduo)

If not, the most recommended action is to mark the device as lost. This will lock the device with an access code that only the user has, and it is also possible to display a message with your phone on the screen.

The message will be displayed with the number so that the person who found the device can callThe message will be displayed with the number so that the person who found the device can callSource: (Source: Apple Support / Reproduction)

In doing so, Apple automatically tracks the location of the device and suspends payment options using Apple Pay and registered debit and credit cards.

It is also recommended that you register a police report (which can be done online) stating the serial number of the device.

If the Find app is not enabled, the first step below is to change the Apple ID password, preventing anyone else from accessing iCloude data from using some of the lost iPhone services.

Always remember your Apple ID and passwordAlways remember your Apple ID and passwordSource: (Source: Own Capture)

It is also important to change all account passwords on the device (social networks, banking services, among others). In addition, Apple also suggests that the user report the loss or theft of the mobile carrier device, so that the user can deactivate his account and move to another device, preventing the blocked phone from receiving calls and messages and using the data of internet.

With or without activating the Find app, Apple also recommends removing the lost or stolen device from the list of trusted devices. If the feature is active, you can still wipe the device remotely, so that only the owner of the Apple ID can reactivate, preventing the iPhone from being used by someone else.

The activation lock also applies to the Apple Watch with watchOS2 and later.