How to behave in the Play Store: 5 mistakes to avoid (with examples)

No to test and come back later

Some apps and games while you are using them may be bothering you with frequent messages, asking you to rate the title if you liked it. If you do not want to evaluate at that time, some will put the option "Remind me" later, but others blackmail by putting the option "No, I did not like".

It is true that these warnings and requests take away the patience of many, but the solution to this is not to go to the store and evaluate the game or app superficially, as this undermines the experience of other users and makes the work of the developer difficult.

play store01
A classic to be avoided / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

The above examples are the worst kind of comment there is, don't be one of those people. Evaluate with a low rating and warn that if you like what you downloaded "back to give more stars" behavior that confuses and spoils the algorithm of highlights.

The ideal : don't give in to the blackmail from the developer. If you are not ready to rate the app or game, simply choose the negative option. When you've tested enough, remember to go to the Play Store to evaluate, it helps everyone and encourages others to rate apps you might still want.

Do not write anything

Short comments that say "Too Much!", "Show!", "Okay" don't mean much. When you bother to write something, enjoy and write something that will really be useful for everyone.

play store02
Seems til / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

The situation deteriorates when the human being enters the assessment just to write nonsense, such as random letters or meaningless comments. Just stop.

The ideal : exerts its role of citizen, even digital. Provide a decent review, talk about the app or game more broadly. It is not necessary to write more than five lines, but a succinct and sincere evaluation, complete, can already make the day of many people. Remember the legal reviews you read from there.

play store03
Would you download an app with these ratings? I don't know either / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Do not think that everyone speaks Portuguese

Your smartphone's Android system is probably in Portuguese, including your Play Store. Even some app descriptions are in Portuguese, a wonder! But you should not think that, because of these factors, the whole planet will speak Portuguese with you.

Want to complain about an issue with the app you purchased? You should do this, but not in Portuguese! Check first, by the developer, the published titles and even their website, if the Brazilian team, and if you understand what you write.

play store04
The translation of the answer doesn't even agree … / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Of course, if they are interested, developers can pass their comments on to a translator, but a lot of information can be missed by action, and your complaint will be in vain. Or then they may not even bother to translate.

Ideally, do your research first and find out the language of the app's creators. Try to speak their language, the chances of getting a return are higher. And if there is no contact email, it covers!

Do not turn the assessment into a forum

The idea of ​​app and game pages is for you to rate one to five stars and write briefly about what you think of your overall, cohesive and in-depth experience. Not the place to ask how it does to run on such a smartphone or to complain that the game has not downloaded outside of your WiFi network.

play store05
This, they seem to have noted everything / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Ideally, it's not to realize that it doesn't work on your smartphone, or that the game sucks because you need the internet. AndroidPIT itself has a forum where you can hand over your hurts and frustrations. The same tip, rate the app for it.

Be sure to report

If you see something wrong, you should report it. Swearing, spam, malicious links, you can't pass up. And we're talking not only about comments, but also about suspicious apps that bring problems to your smartphone or try to get personal data.

play store06
Does it help in anything? At the? Report / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You help regulate what goes in and out of the Play Store. There are so many apps and games coming in every day, and although Google evaluates their integrity with their robots, it's their essential help.

And you don't like what behaviors on the Google Play store?

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